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Lea Michele Discusses C-Section and PCOS

** at first disappointed that she had to have a C-section. felt so scared and weak during pregnancy that she thought a vaginal birth would show her strength and prove that she's "really a mom".

** able to move past that and posted a picture of her scar on her Instagram story (OP: wish I could even see my scar but there's belly in the way lol)

** because of her difficulty with PCOS, she and her husband decided to stop trying: "I was really kind of down after taking so much medication and constantly healing from these surgeries. I was like, let’s just stop... I really kept feeling like maybe this just isn’t meant to be for me right now. Maybe this isn’t gonna happen, which is something that for me personally was always my biggest fear in my entire life, that I wouldn’t be able to become a mom." Found out she was pregnant soon after.


I'm no fan of hers, but I feel bad for anyone who feels "less than" for having a C-section. I didn't even know C-section shaming was a thing until I had one! ONTD moms, hope no one has made you feel bad for your birthing story. <3
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