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"Spencer" getting rave reviews from test screening, Kristen Stewart's performance called "divine"

A test screening for the Princess Diana biopic "Spencer" starring Kristen Stewart and directed by Pablo Larrain took place recently and it seems to be getting rave reactions. One of the people who saw it compared to Krisha and Shiva Baby.

Despite the NDA, World of Reel was able to get a review from one of the people present at the screening, excerpts from which are below (read full review at source):

They describe the movie as "a sensory experience about the inner demons Diana had during her days with Charles, characters come and go but she remains firmly there in every scene".

They mention that it will probably anger a lot of fans of “The Crown,” who will expect some kind of mainstream entertainment, saying the the film isn’t in the least bit “mainstream.”

They call it a spiritual successor to Jackie (also directed by Larrain) but in a very limited setting and with a lot more dialogue.

They call Kristen Stewart's performance divine. "I have never seen her go THIS FAR with her acting chops before. She really pushes herself to the brink here. Impressive."

The film is set to debut at Venice Film Festival next month.

Tags: kristen stewart, review, royalty / royal family

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