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OLDCODEX announced hiatus, LiSA cancelled her tour

A follow-up to this post.

Several days after the scandal broke, today Cheatsuhisa Suzuki aka Ta_2, vocalist of OLDCODEX, had announced that he's going to take a hiatus from both voice acting and band activity for the time being.

His management, I'm Enterprise, simply stated that Cheatsuhisa's physical health is in bad condition to continue working (lol sure). OLDCODEX was also pulled off from Animelo Summer Live 2021 COLORS line up. However, their new single which is a theme song for movie Free! the Final Stroke, is still scheduled to be on sale in September as usual. Hopefully it tanks.

LiSA who was also supposed to hold her LADYBUG tour in Fukuoka on this 7-8 August, had cancelled her tour. The official site says that she's going to take a rest due to 'mental and physical exhaustion'.

Currently, there is still no official statement from neither Suzuki nor LiSA regarding the scandal.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 , translated by me

I hope LiSA gets all the support she needs, and divorce this pos asap :(
Tags: asian celebrities, men are weak

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