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Here's how BTS used money laundering tactics to stay on top of the Hot 100

This week kpop kings' BTS’ english single ‘Butter’ remains at  #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It's Butter's 9th week in that position and it was only briefly replaced by another BTS song, ‘Permission to dance’.

But "Butter" is actually the first song in history at #1 to be out of the top 40 of the Streaming Songs chart (#44 this week).

It also has had the lowest score on US radio mediabase callouts for 2 weeks straight. Which shows most radio listeners don’t know and don’t like the song.

So how does a song no one is actually streaming and which is rejected by the general public get on top of the most popular chart in the world? Massive sales.

Despite recent reforms, pure sales (from artist's websites and online retailers) still outweigh streaming and radioplay on Billboard's points system.

This makes positions fairly easy to manipulate, and other artists have done it before BTS: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift etc. Usually by selling merch bundles with albums and songs. Billboard eventually stopped counting these for their charts.

Most recently, they removed some of Dua Lipa’s sales of ‘Levitating’, once they found out international fans were using VPNs to pretend more American fans were buying the song.

It seems ARMY got inspired by this particular scam, and since VPNs are easy to detect, they resorted to shadier practices. This is the money laundering part.


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sources: Hot 100 / BB pointsbundlesDua Lipa / Butter store / Streams / radio score / ISRC
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