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ONTD Original-Ranking the careers of the 2000 X-Men movie actors

Honestly, the 2000 live action X Men movie is still my favorite comic book movie! Probably because I first saw it at such a young, formative age. Let's see how the cast of the first movie has done since hanging up their X-Men suits.

9.Shawn Ashmore-Shawn isn't exactly a house hold name, but he has acted in tv shows such as The Boys, The Rookie, and Conviction.

8.Rebecca Romijn-She may not have her Oscar or her movie star career, but Rebecca can take comfort in knowing she was a much better Mystique than J Law. Since her blue paint days, Rebecca has acted in shows such as Star Trek, The Librarians, Ugly Betty, and her own short lived show Pepper Dennis.

7.Famke Janssen-Not a name you hear very often, Famke is still a working actress. She has acted in television shows such as How To Get Away With Murder, When They See Us, and the Blacklist. And who could forget in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

6.Anna Paquin-One of the youngest Academy Award winners ever, Anna might not be an A-list actress as an adult, but she has held her own starring in tv shows such as True Blood, Flack, and The Affair. She was recently in the middle of some controversy in The Irishman where people found it ridiculous that an academy award winning actress like herself only had seven lines of diologue in the film.

5.James Mardsen-After debuting as Cyclops, James was the go to man for romantic comedies for a bit, starring in 27 Dresses, Enchanted, and Hairspray. Though he will be in the upcoming Enchanted 2, he's spent the last decade focusing on television, acting in shows such as Westworld, The Stand, and Dead to Me. He hasn't given up film, don't forget his turn in Sonic The Hedgehog.

4.Patric Stewart-Like Ian McKellan, Patrick has had a long acting career dating back to the sixties. An icon for his Star Trek role, he is also well known for his role as Professor Charles Xavier.

3. Halle Berry-Halle's acting career ebbs and flows but she has made her mark on history by becoming the first black woman to win Best Actress at the Academy Awards. She's been a bond girl and a Catwoman, a 911 operator and fought alongside John Wick.

2.Ian McKellan-Ian McKellan has had a very long successful career. Twice nominated for an academy award, Ian starred in the iconic franchise The Lord of The Rings and has acted in many X Men movies as Magneto. He has been professionally acting since the 60's.

1. Hugh Jackman-Hugh was a relative unknown when he scored the role of Wolverine, but he's a bona fide movie star today. The academy award nominated actor has starred in several more X Men movies as wolverine and has been in many non comic book movies. He even pulled off the unthinkable and had a huge hit on his hands with an original musical, The Greatest Showman. 

Source-google images and browsing imbd

Poll #2112381 Who has been the most successful?

ONTD, which actor has had the most success?

Halle Berry
Hugh Jackman
Anna Paquin
Rebecca Romijn
Ian McKellan
Patrick Stewart
Shawn Ashmore (lolz)
Famke Janssen
James Mardsen
oh my stars and garters
I like to vote
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