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When Youtube Stars Become "Irrelevant"


Smokey Glow talks about youtubers who once were huge and now have problems getting views

examples given:

people who refuse to change up their tired content: grav3yardgirl, Taylor Oekly, Colleen Ballinger, Joey Graceffa

people who just start drama all the time (she thinks it works for big channels, but it kills the momentum of smaller ones): Rewired Soul, Thomas Halbert

constant complaining about the algorithm, nothing is ever their fault: Gabbie Hanna, Thomas Halbert again

aging out of your audience: Jake/Logan Paul

'the Chameleons', people who change their content all the time: Shane Dawson went from paradoy videos to weird food to conspiracies to documentaries to beautytuber

the comments bring up Jenna Marbles as an outliner who managed to keep her views and fans through the change of content
Tags: internet celebrities

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