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ONTD Watch Party Night! Resort to Love (on Netflix) 🎞 🎟 🍿

We back today with a little cheesy rom-com fun, so we can vicariously dip it low, pick it up slooooooow on baecation. Tonight we'll be screening Resort to Love on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.

Synopsis: "Christina Milian plays an aspiring singer on a journey to find herself in paradise -- but what she actually finds is her ex-fiance (Jay Pharoah), his new bride (Christiani Pitts) and a hunky fling (Sinqua Walls) in the destination rom-com we all need right now. Produced by Mrs. Swizz Cheatz and Directed by Steven Tsuchida."

We'll be using the Google Chrome extension, Teleparty to watch. The extension is available on laptops and desktops. The movie will be starting ~ 9:00 PM ET. If you need instructions on how to install Teleparty just click here. OP thinks the glitch may be sorted out by now, so we'll see.


Teleparty instructions

At 9:00 PM ET, click HERE to pop, pop, pop that thang!
Tags: black celebrities, film - comedy, netflix

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