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Syfy's 'Chucky' TV Series Will Have a Gay Protagonist

Chucky is a new series set to debut on Syfy and the USA network on October 12th. At Comic-Con@Home, series creator Don Mancini (who has written all the films in the Chucky franchise except for the recent reboot) revealed that the series will be led by a gay teen named Jake Wheeler grappling with his identity as he grows up in a small town.

Of the decision, Mancini (a gay man himself) said: "One of the things that fans always loved about the original movies is that the protagonist was a kid, it’s called Child’s Play. It’s something we hadn’t done that much of since Child’s Play 3, but I wanted to switch it up. I thought focusing on young teens would be a new twist and to see how Chucky interacts with them...There are lots of great scenes between Zach Arthur as Jake and his friend and crush Devon Evans (played by Bjorgvin Anarson)."

Chucky will serve as a continuation from the most recent film in the franchise Cult of Chucky, and will see franchise icons such as Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and Christine Elis return.

Tags: film - horror, lgbtq film / media, television

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