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Backlash Begins Over HBO Max's Royal Family Parody "The Prince"

After HBO Max quietly and quickly dropped the entire season of The Prince, which parodies the royal family through the eyes of Prince William's son George, backlash quickly started. People began to criticize the focus being on a fictional version of a real child, who's too young to consent or even choose who he is. Orlando Bloom, who plays "Prince Harry," defended the show by saying it was satire and done with affection.

“Bottom line, children are off limits,” women’s rights activist and author Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu said on Good Morning Britain Friday. “Creating a parody to poke fun at an 8-year-old is not funny. It’s uncalled for, and it goes against our collective sense of responsibility.”

Meanwhile, creator and voice of "Prince George" Gary Janetti has limited comments on Instagram. Followers of Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner have branded the actors as hypocrites for participating in the show while demanding privacy for their own children.

HBO Max has of course included a disclaimer:

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