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The View: Audra McDonald, Robin Roberts, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Thursday Show Get Vaxxed, Wear Your Mask

I stg these anti vaxxers are going to kill so many people. The Delta variant is taking over. Vaxx people may get infected with any version of covid, but suffer no symptoms or at least not require hospitalization or die. Because of vaxx refusers, even those vaxx should go back to wearing a mask to avoid passing the virus to the un-vaxx. So let that sink in. Those of us who got vaxx are still having to wear masks and take precautions to save the lives of those who dgaf and refuse to wear a mask or get vaxx themselves**. How Sunny controls herself is amazing, her husband lost *both parents* to covid within days of each other, and yet these selfish people cry about FrEeDoMs.

**Applies to US over age 12, not where vaxx isn’t as readily available

Hot Topic Thursday Show Me-again Denies Nepotism

The new short film The Right Way is being directed by Spielberg daughter, written by Stephen King son, and Sean Penn-Robin Wright son is starring in it. Backlash over nepotism, which Ben Stiller defended. Then he got dragged for missing the point. Kids go in to parent’s line of business all the time, not just entertainment – the family owned restaurant, the law, police or military, medicine, education, woodworking, car repair, and so on. The best way to get any job is networking, so having relatives show the way and share experience and open doors isn’t the bad thing. It’s bad when the person is a dunderhead who thinks they’re entitled vs doing the work to earn their place. Getting the door opened is a luxury most don’t have, but sticking around should require talent, experience, skills, and background. Me-again has the audacity to claim her BA in Art History got her anywhere in media vs her DNA. Counting the days until she is gone.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr Are Pals

Katy Perry is engaged to and has a baby with Orlando Bloom, who was married to and has a child with Miranda Kerr. Katy and Miranda are good pals. When kids are involved, make an effort to be on friendly terms with your s/o ex. Bff isn’t necessary but kids will always remember if the grown-ups can set an example by being mature adults and good co-parents. Me-again is under the misguided impression she has the best, most diversified family.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald is promoting The Good Fight on Amazon Prime. She talks about >> mental health and pressure of top performers, all the accolades for her talent, being cordial in a blended family, playing Aretha Franklin’s mother in bio-pic Respect, discovering her talented family members, more about her show and the sub-plot about insurrection.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Rage Level Infinity

Capitol Police testified before the House Insurrection Committee. Gut wrenching. Meanwhile the GQP still call it a tourist visit and mocked these officer’s trauma and emotions. Blue Lives Matter … until they don’t. It’s a long segment, panel says what you’d think they’d say. Me-again, who is wearing her Ho-down denim barn dress, don’t be fooled by her first 2 mins of performative rambling because she goes sideways quickly.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Simone Biles Protecting Herself

Simone Biles GOAT withdrew from Olympics all-around to protect her mental health. Her fellow Olympians including some from other countries, and everyone else who possesses empathy, gave her support. Typical racist MAGA mock her as being a coward and failure, while they struggle to put on a mask over their nose at Walmart. Joy makes a good point that American parents seem fixated on their kid always being -the best- which is an unrealistic, unattainable, and unsustainable level of perfection for most people. Average isn’t an insult, embrace it if that’s you and be happy.

[On a side note, the GQP have proven themselves devoid of all humanity in every single situation]

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Ashton and Mila Don’t Bathe Their Kids

Gross alert /vomit. Take a shower, egads. There was already a post on this.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is promoting her new show Turning the Tables on Disney+. She talks about >> hosting Jeopardy, friendship with Alex Trebek and taping her shows, her career history as sports reporter and her thoughts on Simone Biles, mental wellness and self-care, covid drama here and abroad, talking to vaxx hesitancy refusal, her new show.

Ontd do you

take a shower
take a bath
take a sponge bath at sink
use dry soap
always smell

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