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David Ayer is upset about the new Suicide Squad film

Critic Tim Grierson tweeted yesterday that he really loved the new Suicide Squad film from James Gunn that is being released next week. As expected, talk soon turned to David Ayer's trashed 2016 version and the talk of the Ayer Cut, which Grierson thinks Ayer should abandon.

All of it clearly got to Ayer, as he wrote a completely unhinged rant as a response.

In it, he mentions his fathers suicide, doing "hoodrat shit" as a kid, being saved by the Navy, writing the Training Day script, and that the studio cut of SS is not his film.... all to say he has no quit in him. Ayer also mentions he'd rather get shot at then talk about his side of the story regarding what happened with SS.

In the end, he says he is excited for James and the rest of the cast/crew and will no longer speak publicly about the matter.

Tags: dc comics, film, film director, flop, who asked for this

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