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Joshua Jackson for MR PORTER

  • Joshua Jackson reaffirms there will be no Dawson's Creek revival. "I don’t know why you’d want to [bring it back]. Nobody needs to know what those characters are doing in middle age. We left them in a nice place. Nobody needs to see that Pacey’s back hurts." He also quips that people binge watching the show now are watching a costume drama.

  • He feels this time of his career, appearing in many critically acclaimed projects, is the pay-off era of a 30+ year career. He does regret not being more choosy with his projects directly after Dawson's Creek.

  • Starring in the 2005 David Mamet play A Life In The Theatre opposite Sir Patrick Stewart on the West End was a turning point of his career. It reminded him he enjoyed acting and wanted to focus on working on good material with good people.

  • Although born in Vancouver (and moved back following his parent's divorce), he was raised in Topanga, California until he was eight. He bought his 4bd/2-story childhood home in 2001 for about $800k. "My father unfortunately was not a good father or a husband and exited the scene, but that house in Topanga was where everything felt simple, so it was a very healing thing for me to do."

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Full interview and more photos HERE.

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