goldie3 (goldie3) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Korean Olympic gold medalist faces misogynistic attacks because she cut her hair short

20 year old An San, part of the Gold medal winning women's archer team and mixed archer's team, at Tokyo Olympics 2020, has been facing misogynistic attacks from Korean incels, because, she cut her hair short. Yes, you read it right. Apparently, if a woman cuts their hair short and is a fan of Mamamoo, a kpop girl group, they are a feminist. Feminism is the greatest crime that a South Korean woman can commit, as per the easily harassed egos of Korean men. They have asked her to return her gold medal (lol), but most worryingly, they have started a witch hunt against her, calling up Korean Archery Association. Korean women started sharing their own short hair photos to support her.

Tags: men are weak, olympics, sports / athletes

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