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Fox has released a trailer for “Our Kind of People,”

The series hails from writer/executive producer Karin Gist and executive producer Lee Daniels.
Inspired by Lawrence Otis Graham’s book Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class,
Our Kind of People premieres Tuesday, September 21
Tasha Smith will direct the series premiere.

Yaya DaCosta as Angela is a fashion-forward “boho” woman, an up-and-coming hair products entrepreneur. Angela grew up in a working class household and has never gotten over the fact that her wealthy father (who she never met) turned his back on them. After the death of her beloved mother Eve, Angela inherits property, and moves there with her daughter Nikki. Angela intends to open a store and further build her brand, and she’s hoping to gain acceptance. But her way is blocked by Leah Franklin Dupont. However, Angela is a fighter who isn’t deterred…

Morris Chestnut will play Raymond Dupont, Leah’s husband, a powerful man, raised in wealth, he has “Obama swag and presence.” He is a top executive at a food conglomerate, but he has been struggling to revive the company after his white business partner Jack almost tanked the firm through mismanagement. A conscientious father, he is the soft place to land for his daughter. But ignores his son Quincy’s ambitions to become a professional basketball player.

Joe Morton will play Teddy Franklin, Leah’s father, who is “smooth as butter, smart as a whip.” He was born into money and grew his family’s sanitation company into one of the largest holding companies in the world. He accomplished his present wealth and status by being more rapacious and manipulative than anyone else in the business. He has no apologies to make, and reminds Leah where her current wealth and privilege came from. He has an arcane connection to Angela’s past that may soon come to light.

Nadine Ellis will play Leah Franklin-Dupont is a strong, confident, elegant businesswoman. She feels the pressure of her position, and a responsibility to give back to the Black community. Leah makes it her mission to bar Angela from acceptance before she tears down everything Leah’s family has built.

Lance Gross as Tyrique Freeman, a smooth, handsome man with an edge, who was born into modest circumstances but made a fortune in construction and has gained acceptance. Sizzling chemistry between him and Angela. He warns Angela that she has to play the game if she wants entry into the elite Black community, and he offers to help in any way he can.

Alana Bright will play Nikki Vaughn, daughter and only child of Angela Vaughn. A passionate artist with a gift for spoken-word poetry, Nikki is bold and fearless. She stands up for what she believes and has a strong sense of security in who she is. The recent death of her grandmother has sent her spiraling, but as she starts to form new friendships in Oak Bluffs, she starts to gain her footing again.

Rhyon Nicole Brown will play Lauren Dupont, Leah and Raymond’s daughter, a beautiful and ultra-privileged girl who rules the young social set of The Bluffs and is an established social media influencer. She takes an instant dislike to Angela’s daughter Nikki. She is trying to come to terms with her identity as a queer woman of color in her conservative community, and when Nikki discovers her secret, Lauren’s antipathy for the newcomer grows.

Kyle Bary will take on Quincy Dupont, Leah and Raymond’s son and Lauren’s fraternal twin, He is an athletic and charming youth who has also been raised in wealth and privilege, but is much more down-to-earth and approachable than his spoiled sister. Quincy is a brilliant basketball player. He is being pressured to join the family business whether he likes it or not — and he doesn’t like it.

Debbi Morgan will play Patricia Williams, aka Aunt Piggy (Angela’s aunt). She moves with Angela and her teenage daughter Nikki. A real character, saucy and uninhibited, she’s working class. She has a lot of common sense when it comes to giving good advice to Angela. She is also hiding a few secrets of her own, including a connection to Oak Bluffs from many years ago.

L. Scott Caldwell will play Olivia Sturgess Dupont (mother of Chestnut’s Raymond). This elegant society matron adores her son, but is hard on her daughter-in-law, Leah. Olivia has pegged Angela as a “disruptor” in their community, and she orders Leah to drum her out — using whatever means necessary.

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