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The View: Mena Suvari, Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson, Julia Haart, Hot Topics

Panel varies with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Tuesday Show No Vaxx No Service

Meghan is off

With rise in Delta variant covid cases, more businesses and/or employers are requiring proof of vaxx. Meanwhile QAnon continues to double down, in hopes they kill all of their constituents. Margarine Traitor Greene continues to mis-apply historical analogies.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Covid Changing Spending Habits

NY Magazine examined how the pandemic changed people’s spending habits. Sara isn’t going to rely on virtual workout streams, she wants to go back to a gym. She also wants to go back to the cinema for certain types of films. Sunny will continue to buy Crocs. Sunny won’t wear stilettos anymore. Joy won’t get more manicures. She wants to burn her bra like the 1970s era, and forego spanx. Whoopi has been trying to get her daughter’s passport renewed and it’s killing her.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Mena Suvari

Content Warning

Mena Suvari is promoting her book The Great Peace. She talks about her (CW) abuse from age 12, being in an abusive relationship, drug abuse, her film career, living a double life re/her troubled background vs her public life, working on American Beauty and being in work environments with older men that seemed commonplace to her given her history with men, message for other sex assault survivors, her current marriage and young son 4 mos old, importance in therapy, whether she hopes her son reads her memoir when he’s older.

Hot Topic Monday Show Tucker Gets Told in Restaurant

Guy in Montana ran in to Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson aka Swanson brand’s step-son and said he’s the worst human being known to mankind. The panel thinks Carlson is awful, except for Me-again. The panel debates how awful he is, as well as whether awful public figures should be accosted in public space. Me-again is clearly afraid she’ll be trolled in public, as she so well deserves.

Hot Topic Monday Show Biden Approval Dipping

Biden approval rating has dropped to 50% which is still higher than TRE45ON ever had, sooooo.

Hot Topic Monday Show 🤩 Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson 🤩

Emily Blunt and The Rock are promoting (what looks like a dreadful mistake decent film @ 70% fresh) Jungle Cruise which is based on the Disney river boat ride. They’re good people and have fun banter. Delightful segment even moreso because Me-again is absent.

Hot Topic Friday Show Tokyo Games Open

Whoopi is off, Ana joins

Low viewership on the ill-timed 20201 Tokyo Olympics. Feels like the wrong time, no easy decision.

Hot Topic Friday Show Gun Violence in America

ABC News program tracked gun violence in America over a 7 day period. Michael Moore is kindofa ding dong now but his Bowling for Columbine still tracks 19 years later. Anyway, Me-again says stupid stuff.

Hot Topic Friday Show Smart Technology is Spying On You, and Hacks Will Get You

Due to a data hack, it was discovered that the priest who wanted to deny Biden communion was on a gay dating app, forcing him to resign. Me-again talks endlessly about herself. The main point is hypocrisy, which is prevalent in organized religion and the RepubliQan Party.

Hot Topic Friday Show Julia Haart

Julia Haart left the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community after 43 years, and now has her reality show My Orthodox Life on Netflix. She wrote a book Brazen and she’s also a fashion mogul.

/I didn’t watch all of it but Me-again seems to question Haart’s Jewishness and her leaving the ultra orthodox faction as a link to the rise in anti-Semitism, good grief/

Ontd has the pandemic changed your buying preferences?

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