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Trevor Donovan Defends Actors in Their 20’s and 30’s Playing Teenagers on TV: “Age Is Just a Number”

90210 actor Trevor Donovan, 40, took to Twitter to respond to an article and tweet by The Wrap: “These 10 actors were WAY too old to play teens.” Donovan himself isn’t listed, but when he was 28 he played a high school teen himself (Teddy Montgomery) on The CW’s 90210 reboot in season 2. “Age is just a number, get over it,” wrote the actor. “Some people look younger and age slower than others. Stop promoting Ageism!”

[5 of 10 Actors Listed]
Gabrielle Carteris, 29, "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990-2000)
During the first season of "Beverly Hills, 90210," Gabrielle Carteris was 29 — a whopping 13 years older than her character, Andrea. The CW's reboot of the teen series later continued that trend, with Matt Lanter playing a high schooler at age 25.

Stacey Dash, 28, "Clueless" (1995)
Alicia Silverstone was still a teenager while filming "Clueless," but her co-star Stacey Dash (aka Dionne) was much older, at 28. And she wasn't done there -- Dash continued to play a high schooler in the ABC sitcom version of "Clueless," which ended in 1999, when she was 32.

Ben McKenzie, 25, "The O.C." (2003-2007)
Heartthrob Ben McKenzie was 25 when he took on the role of Ryan Atwood on "The O.C." While Ryan was falling for Marissa Cooper at The Harbor School, McKenzie was years away from any real-life high school romance.

Jason Earles, 29, "Hannah Montana" (2006-2015)
The older brother of the secret pop star was 16 -- and was played by 29-year-old Jason Earles. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus, who played Miley/Hannah, was 15 years younger than Earles when she started the show at a ripe 13 years old.

Darren Barnet, 29, "Never Have I Ever" (2020-2021)
Darren Barnet is surrounded by age-appropriate actors on the Netflix show, which makes this age difference all the more noticeable. Barnet, who turned 30 just before Season 2 premiered, is 11 years older than his love interest and co-star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. And if anyone was wondering, Ramakrishnan was 18 when the series premiered.

For the full list, visit the source.

ONTD, do you look younger and age slower than others?

Sources: 1 | 2
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