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Real Housewives of Potomac 6.3 "Ain't No Shame, Ladies, Do Yo' Thang" (Recap)

Some highlights:

- Juandering Eye Juan is being terrible. Like go help your kids, like I'm sure he ain't working.
- 👴🏿 is being a good Instagram Granboyfriend. We learn about them wigs hunny!
- Nosy Messy Paupers Gizelle and Ashley meet to recount Karen's party last week about Mathematician Mia
- Oh Embezzled Hats is legit, we're at the warehouse. Like that's a lot - are y'all buying them hats?
- Professor Chaos is still on them candles. Sorry she's Dr. Zen Wen
- Peanut Butter Pageant Foundation Candiace gives me

- Mother Dearest is not cool with Ofcandiace (Tinted Testicle) managing Candiace.
- Kween Kurn Kwestions the Kompany of Kandles. Just let Wendy be a bidness women.
- Mia gives details about her strained relationship with her mother. Ya know, OP likes Mia and Gordon.
- Frenemies Kurn and Candiace meet up over tea and Whole Foods deli sandwiches in the hopes to settle their differences of last season's fight. They don't
- the ladies play Guess That Preggers Belly!
- Was Mia the Malleable on the pole?
- Where the fuck is Zen Wen? I think she still may be in quarantine.

Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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