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Charmed showrunner reveals Madeleine Mantock's news of depature

-This past Friday saw Madeleine Mantocks departure from Charmed, where she was co-lead with Sarah Jeffrey and Melonie Diaz.

-There has been plenty speculation as to why she left, when she announced she was leaving, etc...

-The showrunner has recently revealed when they found out she was leaving the show while answering a fan question.

-The showrunners found out Madeleine would be leaving as they were figuring out the storyline for episodes 3x14 or 3x15

-While the season was shortened due to COVID (18 total episodes), many question why they didn't deviate from their initial plans to shift towards writing off the character of Macy Vaughn.

-One such storyline involved her love interest, Harry, TCOs Whitelighter deciding that he wanted to become mortal in order to grow old with Macy. They continued through with the multi-episode arc only to have Harry become a Whitelighter again in 3x18 to try and fail to save Macy.

-They also spent 3x17 wrapping up and seeing the departure of Half witch/half demon/Overlord of all demons, Abigail from the series.

-The Whispering Evil, the "big bad" blob that was also introduced in 3x14 only to be destroyed by Macy in the first 5 minutes of the season finale by attempting to take over Macy as a host.

-The show plans on introducing a new sister for the 4th season.

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