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ONTD Original-Ranking the careers of the Dawson's Creek Cast

It's been eighteen years since Dawson's Creek dried up, let's see how the cast has done since then, we don't want to wait until our lives are over.

Honorable Mention-Bianca Lawson-Honestly I didn't even remember her on this show and she was only in four episodes, but when I was looking at the imbd cast credits for Dawson's Creek I was like I bet if I scroll down far enough I'll find her, and sure enough. Her deal with the devil to act as a teenager across three decades was going strong when this show aired. Ageless queen!

12.Meredith Monroe-Starring in 69 episodes of Dawson's Creek as Andie Mcphee, Meredith failed to make a real impression on the industry. She is still a working actress, with some movie and television credits including the netflix hit 13 Reasons Why.

11.Kerr Smith-Currently acting on Riverdale, Kerr is one of the few main actors from this show who failed to gain any real name recognization.

10.Oliver Hudson-Forever over shadowed by his younger sister, he now has a podcast.

9.Michael Pitt-Once one of the hottest up and coming actors in Hollywood, Michael Pitt has all but been forgotten in the industry. Rumours of him being difficult on set may have caused the stall in his career.

8.Chad Michael Murray-Chad has lots of name recognization but hasn't done much of note since his high school character days. He also acts in Riverdale sometimes.

7.Busy Phillips-Busy's profile has been elevated by her continued friendship with Michelle Williams, often attending award shows as her date. Busy has admited that she makes more money from instagram some years than she does from acting. She also had a short lived talk show recently, but I don't blame her for that. Talk shows notoriously fail more than they succeed.

6.James Van Der Beek-He starred in the amazing and underrated tv show Don't Trust The B in APT 23 and showed off his great buns on dancing with the stars, but beyond that James hasn't done much since Dawson.

4.Jensen Ackles-Thought he has had little success with film, Jensen acted on the long long long running show Supernatural and is now on the hit The Boys. Plus he's just so cute.

3.Joshua Jackson-Joshua has had a very successful career in television career, starring in shows such as Fringe, The Affair, and Little Fires Everywhere.

2.Katie Holmes-Katiet and Joshua were hard for me to rank, I think Joshua has technically had a better career but Katie is edging him out because despite it all she is still a bigger name IMO. Starring in films such as Jack and Jill and Brahams-The Boy II, Katie mainains a lot of goodwill from ONTD for Summer 2012 and therefore ranks second on my list.

1.Michelle Williamle-Michelle may have to share a tag on ONTD but she is the clear winner on this list. She has been nominated for four academy awards for movies such as My Week With Marilyn and Blue Valentine, in my opinion she will win one day. She also dips her toes into more commecial films such as I Feel Pretty and Venom.

What do you think, ONTD?
Poll #2112261 Dawson's Creek

Who is #1?

Michelle Williams
Katie Holmes
Jensen Ackles
Joshua Hackson
James Van Der Beek
Nick Jonas
I was more of a saved by the bell kind of girlie
I just want to participate

Source-google images and browsing IMBD
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