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Masters of the Universe certified fresh w/critics, rotten with fans

-Masters of the Universe, the new He-Man animated series has been certified fresh with a good ol' 94%

-However if you look at the audience score...it is the exact opposite with the show sitting at a rotten 34%

-Where is the disconnect? Spoilers under the cut

-In MotU, He-Man and Skeletor who are often the main characters of the series are both "killed" off by the end of the first episode.

-From what I gather on Twitter, Fanboys believe they've been deceived and it is a disgrace that they put He-man on the poster and featured him as the central character in trailers for the series.

-Teela/Evil-Lyn become more central characters during the shows 5 episode run as they try to restore magic to the world

-He-Man shows up throughout the episodes in flashbacks

-In the shows 5th episode they find Prince Adam/He-Man in the afterlife and bring him back to the main world

-As Prince Adam begins his Sailor Moon transformation, Skeletor appears and literally stabs him in the back.

-Skeletor ceases the Power Sword and we end on a cliffhanger of: Will Prince Adam survive? what does Eternia look like now that Skeletor holds all the power? Will we ever see He-Man again?

-These are only the first 5 episodes of the 10 episode first season

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