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Bachelorette Katie Thurston getting dragged for not being able to pronounce "Marie Kondo"

Honestly the dragging is only happening on Reddit and a couple of small online publications nevertheless I'm flabbergasted and had to post on ONTD.

Unprompted and not asked my anyone, last year (September) Katie posted about Marie Kondo's 'spark joy' philosophy on tiktok and Instagram applying it to relationships with ex-boyfriends. In the video linked below she says "does it spark joy' is a phrase coined by a woman whose name she is not going to say because she is going to fuck it up.

TikTok by @thekatiethurston

A couple of people took Katie to task in the comments section and here are the conversations.



Another person said they call Marie Kondo the "Japanese cleaning lady" and Katie likes this comment.


It is worth noting that katie sees herself as an "Ally". And has posted anti-racism resources on social media in her journey to becoming bachelorette.

In other Katie news, she's also recently been called out by an Ethiopian contestant from her season (Magi) for not being able to name 4 African countries. Katie had gone on Nick Viall's podcast and as part of a Q&A trivia round she was asked to name 5 African countries despite Katie and Magi spending time together during filming and Magi posts regular updates on the Tigray genocide on Instagram. Katie was unable to mention Ethiopia and given clues like pyramid was unable to think of Egypt.

Katie's response to Magi was shall we say not great. They have since moved on. Katie's yet to explain how she can't pronounce 'Marie Kondo' and why she didn't just stop recording and look up an interview with Marie Kondo to see how her name is pronounced.


Posting this from my phone so please excuse any autocorrect errors.
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