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The Green Knight Promo Begins: Black Girl Nerds Interview Dev Patel and Joel Edgerton

Jeandra Lebeauf: Again, thank you gentleman for your performances. This is a very rich tale with tremendous performances and visuals. In particular, with you gentleman. Dev, beginning with you. A lot of Sir Gawain's journey is about stepping into his own greatness and fully realizing who is and who is wants to be. When you think of stepping into greatness from your own personal point of you, what do you think is the level of awareness you have to be at to figure out what that greatness is. Is it self-awareness? What do you think that journey is like for Sir Gawain, just looking at it from your perspective.

Dev Patel: That's a big question, Chandra. Stepping into, yeah, I think there's a level of extreme confident and self-awareness if you dare to reach for greatness. I also think there's a kind of naiveness, a blindingness to that ambition. You know, in a way. There's got to be a tickle of insanity there, you know. I think all those great people that really change the world can be looked at as absolute insane people or geniuses, you know. It's kind of, there's a fine line between both. But in this case, it's really exploring the idea of a what it means to be a knight or ambition and at what cost. At what cost. This man goes on a very futile task, this journey, he's there to question everything about himself and what that really means. It's a really interesting exploration I think.

Jeandra: With futility of journey, I think of all the tasks that I got as a child and it was just more-so for parents to say can you get from point A to point B? Can I trust you? For your character for the Lord, Joel, sending him out on his journey, it's almost like a relinquishing of his hand on power and he wants to see if he can trust someone to do it. What is it like to relinquish power, I don't know if you have children, or assigned people, what is it like, you think, for the Lord to relinquish that power and trust someone else to do his biddings?

Joel Edgerton: Well I think it's interesting when you set someone a challenge with the awareness that you know they're already potentially gonna fail at that challenge. But also opening yourself up to the possibility that they won't. I think the Lord is very duplicitous, I think when we first meet him, there's a sense that maybe he's not what he seems. Not only in physical form, but potentially he's actually the re-incarnation of, all the re-upping of Gawain's quest. The reincarnation of the Green Knight himself. But somebody who is duplicitous in the challenges that he's setting, almost setting up Gawain up for failure. And that's what really sort of drew me to the world that Gawain enters in that castle, is welcoming, and at the same time, it's threatening and challenging. And I feel like there's many environments that we move through in the world, many people that we encounter, who represent both good and evil to us and it's up to us to navigate that.

Jeandra: Well thank you gentleman, that is my time, thank you so much and I can't wait to see the audience reaction, thank you.

Dev & Joel: Thank you.

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