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Chicago Blackhawks facing two lawsuits linked to sexual assault

***TRIGGER WARNING: sexual assault, victim-blaming, homophobia***

The NHL's Chicago Blackhawks are facing two sexual assault lawsuits connected to former video coach Brad Aldrich. The first one goes back to 2010. Neither of the victims involved have given their names and instead are referred to as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2.

Aldrich has previously been convicted of [trigger warning]molesting a 17-year-old boy for which he was sentenced to nine months in prison and probation for 60 months which he completed in 2019.

The Chicago Blackhawks filed to have both lawsuits dismissed earlier this month. Those who were on the team at the time of the first lawsuit have claimed they had no idea any of this had happened. It should be noted this is not the first time someone in the organization has been accused of sexual assault.

I have included a brief summary of the suits under the cut, but please be aware of the trigger warnings!

- Lawsuit 1 alleges that in 2010 Aldrich invited John Doe 1 to his apartment claiming it was to go over video footage. Aldrich instead put on porn and masturbated before ejaculating on John Doe 1. He then forced John Doe 1 into non-consensual sex by threatening him with a baseball bat. When John Doe 1 went to the team's psychologist for help he was told what happened was his fault. He went to other members of team management but none of them took it seriously and the team refused his request of going to the police. His teammates then began to call him homophobic slurs and say other disgusting homophobic things to him on the ice in front of the coaching staff. John Doe 1 claims that everyone was aware of this but it was ignored. Aldrich continued to harass John Doe 1 via text and threatened to ruin his career if he said anything. John Doe 1 said it was when the news of Aldrich's 2019 conviction came out that he began to reflect on what happened to him and finally decided to go to the police.

- Lawsuit 2 alleges that following the 2010 incident with John Doe 1 the Blackhawks knowingly kept Aldrich on the team before eventually giving him a good reference. This allowed Aldrich to get a job coaching hockey at a high school where he sexually assaulted a teenage player, John Doe 2.

Source + 1

I don't have words to fully articulate how disgusted and upset I am by this whole situation. Please look after yourselves. To all the survivors you are NOT alone and it isn't your fault!!
Tags: sexual misconduct, sports / athletes - hockey

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