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Chris Lowell and Kerry Bishé Have a Baby Girl!

** GLOW actor Chris Lowell announced on Instagram that he and his partner actress Kerry Bishé have a 6 month old baby girl!

caption reads:

"An unexpected twist! After the bus broke down for the third time, I went into town to try and rent a truck with a camper-back for us to sleep in, while Kerry waited at the trailer-park for the tow-truck to arrive. Boredom or curiosity overcame her and one thing led to another and suddenly Kerry was in a gas station bathroom taking a pregnancy test and VOILA! A PLUS SIGN!

Just like we’d always imagined…

Turns out Kerry was pregnant the entire time we were on the road (and a couple weeks prior to that). Anyway here’s a photo of the pregnancy tests on a log where we camped (including a back-up test I bought at an Albertson’s on the way back from town) and a photo of us right afterwards.

Not to jump ahead, but we now have a beautiful, healthy 6-month-old baby girl and I love her at least as much as I love Kerry.

Have a great weekend everyone!"


I only know this because I just happened to be googling him to find out what project he is in that I thought he was perfect for but couldn't remember the name. Turns out he's going to be Christian Lemon in My Best Friend's Exorcism!! Amazing casting, imo. He's going to be great. Oh, and congrats on the baby! :P

Tags: birth, netflix, pregnancy

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