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16 (5) Television Teachers Who Were Actually The Worst

1. Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder: “Even though she did help her students get out of bad situations, she always had a hand in putting them there.”

3. Will Schuester from Glee: “I know it’s always talked about, but I just can’t get over how the show continued to represent him as a good guy when he did so much wrong and was never held accountable for his actions. Apart from being creepy and having a superiority complex, he was just a bad teacher who didn't know the subject he was teaching and only started the glee club to justify his feelings that he was a ‘good person.'”

8. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars: “Not only did he date a student, but he dated a student to get information from her. [Spoilers]I hated that he and Aria got married in the end because it kinda gave the idea that student-teacher relationships are okay, when they’re definitely not.”

13. Max Medina from Gilmore Girls: “He's a very sweet guy, but he and Lorelai should have known better than to put Rory in such an awkward place like that. Remember when Paris Geller told everyone that the new girl's mother was dating the English teacher? Teachers and parents should protect, not mortify, students.”

16. Mr. Peterson from Dawson's Creek: “Didn't he force a kid to come out in front of his entire class? Boo”

Read the full list at the source.

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Lmao Cameron Diaz in bad teacher is iconic

It’s too bad mayo of the woods is in it because it’s a really funny movie.
I know, the only positive is he’s basically playing himself, a nasty sleazeball lol so at least you aren’t supposed to like the character or anything
The one not-enjoyable part of the movie 😞 he took me out of it everytime because he's so...himself
Isn't Phyllis from the office and barb & star in it lol


1 day ago


1 day ago

mr. schue didn't even speak spanish!!!
lmao yes he did they just retconned in later on which was the dumbest thing ever.
I will always make the point that Schue after season 1 wasn’t a charachter. He was whoever the writers needed him to be for the storyline.


1 day ago


1 day ago




1 day ago


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1 day ago


1 day ago

This was an annoying retcon because he spoke it just fine in the pilot.
Just came to make sure Ezra and Will were on this list!!!!
I only watched a couple seasons so it might have improved later, but Cory in Girl Meets World was an awwwwful teacher and could not compare to Mr. Feeny in any way.
Lmao your comment and mine. He was a TERRIBLE teacher.
That capitalism episode was really something.
Now I wanna see it


1 day ago

I watched the whole series. You are absolutely right lmao.
He sucked and the only time he was a half decent teacher was when he was educating Riley on why she shouldn't dress like a Harajuku girl
I haven't seen GMW yet. I have been rewatching BMW though and had not remembered how self-centered he was. And expecting his parents to co-sign a loan for a house when he was in college with no job and not getting why they wouldn't pissed me off. Watching the show as an adult there is some good stuff, but Cory can annoy me so I am not surprised to hear this.


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

It's embarrassing how glad I am that Mr. Feeny want on this list.
I find the dude who plays Will so agressively unnatractive that having him be a creep gave me a weird satisfaction. It was just meant to be.
Excuse you

everytime i listen to this, i scream MISTER SCHUE BETTER CUT MY CHECK!!
What is happening?! 😂
That lego shaped face paired with that hideous hair, I CANNOT.
i mean, he and Lea michele dated for a short period before glee (and yes she is a racist, she is also 9 years younger than him)


1 day ago

Um Annalise is the definition of why Fuck Them Kids is a thing, Keating 5 4 3 2 1 were textbook entitled college students tbqh
Señor Chang is a legend.


July 22 2021, 04:02:42 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 04:07:22 UTC

title or description

Also, Mr. Chang was always intended to be a bad teacher.
I really wish they had just kept him a teacher and made it a joke of how he ends up teaching them in more classes because Greendale can't afford more teachers. I hated what they did with the character in later seasons.
They knew as well,in the last season at one point they reveal to the “new” members of the group that he used to be their teacher and he says “ And frankly, haven't been well utilized since”
same. as much as i loved this show and it will forever be a comfort show, i really hated how they leaned so far into the 'sneaky chinese' stereotype 🙄
tv really needs to stop romanticizing student/teacher relationships. i also think there should be repercussions for teachers who date/marry students they had as students or were aware of on campus.
FUCK ALARIC!!!!!!!!!!
Bull Murray played a substitute teacher that SJP "dated" for an assignment on Square Pegs. Shit like that would not fly today. Except on Glee of course
A Square Pegs reference on ONTD? The youngs will be confused.
I think it was airing on Decades or something a few years ago. They had a marathon lol
I remember when it had its run on Nick at Nite!
Sarah Jessica Parker? You must be talking about Sex and the City, I don't know why you spelled it "Square Pegs"?


1 day ago

Mr. Peterson from Dawson's Creek: “Didn't he force a kid to come out in front of his entire class? Boo”

Pacey spitting on his face was ICONIC.

There's hardly ever truly good guys like Pacey on teen shows (or shows in general). My crush on him back then + being a teenager might've clouded my judgment but I genuinely don't remember Pacey ever being a real asshole. Except maybe on Promicide but frankly, that whole fight was very in line with the toxicity of P/Jo.
Ugh the damn poem....I can't watch that scene anymore
The worst part is that scene came straight from real life. One of the writers on the show had that experience in high school and wrote it into the episode.
That is crazy. I remember watching the episode for the first time when I was a kid and found it ridiculous (as it could never happen). Who knew!
Wonder if the firing bit was part of his experience as well. I was LIVID that we were somehow supposed to feel bad for that flaming piece of shit teacher bc he wouldn't be able to retire as soon as he wanted to.
Literally came in here to make sure someone spoke about Pacey spitting in his face.
If Jack wasn't ready to come out, I don't know why he didn't just switch the pronouns when reading it? Absolutely 100% shouldn't have been put in that position, obviously, but that would have been an easy out.

I legit gasped been Pacey spit in that douchebag's face though.


1 day ago

I loved Pacey even before the show started but that was my Charlie Conway crush transferring over. Team Pacey for life! And none for Dawson or Joey because they both sucked.


1 day ago


Bruh didn't teach a fucking thing. Mr. Feeney taught them while ALSO teaching them life lessons. Cory just lost control of his classroom every damn episode.
I still remember when Fred Savage played a professor who was super creepy to Topanga and tried to get Cory thrown out of college for defending her.
And Fred DIRECTED that episode too. That was not a great.


1 day ago

That whole show was just too contrived and sometimes felt like they were writing for 5-year-olds
Max Medina does not belong on this list with the likes of Ezra lol so rude
I just started rewatching GG this week, Max was effin perfect for Lorelai and was also a great teacher

but they definitely got unlucky and rory was put in a very unfortunate position
Max was Lorelai's only decent boyfriend
I didn't like him at the time because I was firmly Team Luke (lol), but compared to Digger and Christopher he was more than decent.


1 day ago

Yeah and he handled the breakup like a champ and was so kind to Rory when Paris made her interview him for the paper post-breakup.

I was always team Luke but Max was a true gem.
I agree, I like Mr. Medina, although I do agree that it made it very awkward for Rory. But he is a nice guy as far as Lorelai’s boyfriends go.
RIGHT??? i actually like max
Hahahaha annalise! The teacher to only ask questions to the same 5 students.
will schuester should have been arrested! i think the disney+ high school musical show does a better job at creating a will schuester-esque teacher but dials down the creepiness by about a billion notches. also sue sucked too so she should be on this list.

also every single tv teacher shown engaging in a sexual relationship with their students should be at the top of the list not stuck at number 8 like that teacher dude from pll
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