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16 (5) Television Teachers Who Were Actually The Worst

1. Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder: “Even though she did help her students get out of bad situations, she always had a hand in putting them there.”

3. Will Schuester from Glee: “I know it’s always talked about, but I just can’t get over how the show continued to represent him as a good guy when he did so much wrong and was never held accountable for his actions. Apart from being creepy and having a superiority complex, he was just a bad teacher who didn't know the subject he was teaching and only started the glee club to justify his feelings that he was a ‘good person.'”

8. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars: “Not only did he date a student, but he dated a student to get information from her. [Spoilers]I hated that he and Aria got married in the end because it kinda gave the idea that student-teacher relationships are okay, when they’re definitely not.”

13. Max Medina from Gilmore Girls: “He's a very sweet guy, but he and Lorelai should have known better than to put Rory in such an awkward place like that. Remember when Paris Geller told everyone that the new girl's mother was dating the English teacher? Teachers and parents should protect, not mortify, students.”

16. Mr. Peterson from Dawson's Creek: “Didn't he force a kid to come out in front of his entire class? Boo”

Read the full list at the source.

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Ezra knew Aria was 14 when he met her in the bar and made out with her, barf
Oh it was worse. They had dex in that bathroom.


July 22 2021, 05:23:51 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 05:34:54 UTC

At some point I was going to make an ONTD original about the all the teacher who had affairs with their students in various things and .... well I think about things and don't do them. Teachers from Skins and Heartbreak High should be here.
I remember watching Heartbreak High in Year 5 and being like "whoah, Year 8 is gunna be a lot" lolol
watching it as an adult has been a wild ride. Also the movie it was evolved from had a teacher/student relationship at the centre of it, so clearly that creator had an issue


3 days ago


3 days ago

Wait. They were meant to be in year EIGHT?


3 days ago

I thought this was about worst teachers, not worst students. Literally all of Keating 5 would have been in jail if it wasn't for Annalise.
Right? Annalise does not deserve to be on this list
Angie from Skins! I feel like almost anytime a teacher has a significant role on a teen show, they are going to be a creep


July 22 2021, 05:56:37 UTC 4 days ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 06:02:11 UTC

As a teacher, our representation is so often disgraceful

Which is crap because it's real difficult and complex and hard. It's very rewarding & I love it but difficult to represent

Also the amount of fucking statutory rape is IN.SANE.
I'm trying to think of actual good teachers and literally a bunch of animated ones came into my head

Mr Ratburn from Arthur
Mr Simmons from Hey Arnold
Yukari Tanizaki from Azumanga Daioh
Miss Grotke from Recess
Onizuka from GTO
Ms Frizzle from The Magic School Bus
For a non-animated option maybe Sister Michael from Derry Girls. She’s kind of mean but she has moments where it’s clear that she wants to girls to become fully rounded individuals.

Also Mr. Clarke from Stranger Things, he’s the best
Sister Michael is everything
I'm doing a Stranger Things rewatch rn, and Mr. Clarke truly is the best. I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school, that truly gave a shit about their lessons and students.
Omg I love Sister Michael. She's so mean, but she just wants the girls to be strong and not baby them. The scene of her reading The Exorcist on the bus and chuckling is my fave.
Sister Michael is wonderful. she puts up such a front of being a hardass, but when the girls published the story about a lesbian she was unbothered and possibly a bit proud. when she said the school would not be having the day off for the Presidential visit, she walked the empty halls happily and scolded Jenny for actually showing up.


4 days ago


3 days ago

Can we really say Ms Frizzle? Lol. Realistically, she put those kids in some dangerous situations nearly every episode.

Most teachers in shows aimed at a younger audience (like tweens) are usually pretty cool. Like Mr. Dig from Lizzie McGuire. Or Professor Z from Strange Days at Blake Holsey High.

Do the Taylors from Friday Night Lights count? Technically, they were a coach and a principal but that's still pretty close. That young teacher who was in like the first 4 episodes of Veronica Mars was also pretty cool.


4 days ago

Mr Feeny


4 days ago


4 days ago

That teacher that Lisa had a crush on in The Simpsons.
Mr Simpson & Ms Kwan from Degrassi.


4 days ago

She wasn’t perfect but I think Jess from New Girl was a good teacher. From what we saw she was dedicated and passionate about education and when she did make a mistake the show knew it and she grew.
Miss Grotke, love her
Yess Mrs Grotze always teaching facts

title or description
I felt like Degrassi had good teachers. Ms.Kwan, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Simpson
While I understand, logically, that Annalise is in fact the worst teacher and she deserves the #1 spot, I never even thought about her when I made a mental list lmao. And honestly, I think Will Schuester should occupy all first 5 spots because he THAT bad.
Max Medina was too good for Lorelai.
There's a moment in Gilmore Girls where Lorelai does a little roleplay moment with Max as if she's his student and he's asking for sexual favors as extra credit ... that joke always rang a little creepy to me, considering her own daughter is literally his student at the time.
mr schue was the absolute worst teacher so i hope that isn't a ranking putting him at number 3
Looking back I do think it was crappy and selfish of Max and Lorelai to put Rory in that position, especially Max being the one to ask her out and initiating the whole thing. Once they got into the relationship (and all her relationships tbh), it’s always Lorelai who never compromises.
The scene where Rory is interviewing Max for the school paper and she stops the tape recorder and says, "Just so you know, I really wanted you to be my step-father," and Max replying, "Just so you know, I really wanted to be your step-father," and then she turns the recorder back on and goes back to her interview breaks my heart every time.
If they wanted Mr Schue to be a positive reference for the Glee kids, they should have made him an older student. It would have been way better and the struggles of trying to form a club in school could have been great to see.

Too bad the creators were fucking idiots.
Pacey spitting in Peterson’s face was iconic
Sue was obviously terrible, but I loved it whenever she dragged Will.

Lol I never watched the show but this sounds like the writers read what people were complaining about online and put it in her speech
the writers read what people were [saying] online and put it in

This is Glee post season 2.5 in a nutshell.

(Although that did give us Brittana so I can't hate it as a whole)
oh my god is that a Wish Upon a Star icon


3 days ago

Every single clip of Glee I've seen is so beyond cringey. Like how did this happen.
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