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16 (5) Television Teachers Who Were Actually The Worst

1. Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder: “Even though she did help her students get out of bad situations, she always had a hand in putting them there.”

3. Will Schuester from Glee: “I know it’s always talked about, but I just can’t get over how the show continued to represent him as a good guy when he did so much wrong and was never held accountable for his actions. Apart from being creepy and having a superiority complex, he was just a bad teacher who didn't know the subject he was teaching and only started the glee club to justify his feelings that he was a ‘good person.'”

8. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars: “Not only did he date a student, but he dated a student to get information from her. [Spoilers]I hated that he and Aria got married in the end because it kinda gave the idea that student-teacher relationships are okay, when they’re definitely not.”

13. Max Medina from Gilmore Girls: “He's a very sweet guy, but he and Lorelai should have known better than to put Rory in such an awkward place like that. Remember when Paris Geller told everyone that the new girl's mother was dating the English teacher? Teachers and parents should protect, not mortify, students.”

16. Mr. Peterson from Dawson's Creek: “Didn't he force a kid to come out in front of his entire class? Boo”

Read the full list at the source.

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You mean Substitute Teacher of the Year for Three Years in a Row Peggy Hill?
lmao A+
Lol Peggy Hill did so much teaching by being an exemplar of what not to do

Unintentional emotional/life skills/empathy genius!
peggy being completely delusional about every part of her life and skills is what makes her so hilarious


1 week ago



July 22 2021, 04:12:39 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 04:13:22 UTC

Also this queen

I miss her :(


Gossip Girl reboot teachers should be arrested.

GMW is noncanon idgaf what anyone says especially the way they treated Angela's character development
I watched every episode of GMW but after a while, it was out of anger. They just dumbed down everybody and basically forgot the charm of BMW
I was so angry when they reconned Shawn and Angela's relationship to being that he was only with her because he wanted what Cory and Topanga had. That was such bullshit.
completely agree about mr. peterson from dawson's creek. and the female teacher pacey slept with, she was gross.
speaking of that character, remember later on when her, pacey, and paceys cop brother hunkered down for a hurricane together?

Pacey was trolling and told the teacher that his brother was gay (who seemed to take a liking to her), and then he pulled his gun out on Pacey to tell her he wasn't gay.

I wonder if they always intended him to be gay or if it was retconned - he comes out in the finale, right?


1 week ago


1 week ago

I was waiting for someone to mention the teacher that was screwing Pacey when he was FIFTEEN. somehow we seem to just gloss over that like its nbd
When I was having trouble finding a job so many people recommended me to be an educator, kids would love you. All I could think of is how I would be very much like Cameron Diaz in bad Teacher
Speaking of Dawson's Creek, are we not gonna include the teacher who raped Pacey? I know it was ~it's time but that automatically makes her terrible, for lack of a better word.
She’s included on the full list if you follow the link.
Oh, she's there
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was there a teacher in skins who had an inappropriate relationship with a student, i don’t remember who and i might be misremembering though. this is just to say i really despise storylines like this, reminds me of my math teacher who kept flirting w me and my interpreter finding it cute.
it was Angie preying on Chris and it was disgusting how it was played for laughs.
yes, thank you for confirming. and yes it was fucking disgusting. its sad that many boys most likely had a traumatic experience like this and its dismissed bcos people view it as a cool thing.
It's the first show that popped into my mind. It was so uncomfortable to watch.

I think they had an affair all through the first season and then she left and came back for one episode in season 2, and he cheated on Jal with her. Jal forgave him but it really tainted them for me, they're still my fav Skins ship but it was such an unnecessary plotline.
I am just here for Annalise Keating. And also I was hoping to see THAT Buffy teacher. Glad she's up there with the others, although she was on just for 1 episode. Epic.
WTF my man max medina does not belong here! he was a great teacher and person!

Mr Schue truly was the worst. Most of the teachers on Glee sucked tho, but it was worse with Glee because he was supposed to be likable and he truly wasn't.

Sue was right for her hatred of Will. She should have killed him and gotten away with it.
Omg I forgot how embarrassing he was
Any list that doesn’t have Ezra from PLL as number one is invalid.
Unfair to have Max Medina. It was Lorelai who couldn't deal with being ignored that basically caused the Paris mess.
i think dawson's creek technically had 3 bad teachers if you count joey's freshman lit professor she almost hooked up with. ngl i wanted that to happen at the time cuz i thought ken marino was kinda hot lol, but can't even look at him like that now cuz all of the dumb/goofy characters he's played.
I try not to think about pll because when I do I get SO ANGRY about all the bullshit they normalized
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