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The View: 50 Cent Colin Farrell Tim Gunn Hayley Arceneaux Amy Klobuchar Mj Rodriguez Stacy London

Panel varies with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Dr Fauci Drags Rand Paul. Again.

Dr Fauci vs Rand Paul, part 33,434,323. Plays clip. Rand Paul is now claiming that not only was covid lab-grown but that Fauci was in on the conspiracy. Whew boy.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Idris Elba Wants Social Media to Verify Users

After England team faced racist online trolls, Idris Elba wants social media sites to make users prove their identities so they cannot troll people anonymously. Panel talks about anonymous accounts and trolls. Me-again promises to quit twitter the same day she leaves The View. Looool.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Group Texts Are Awful

Panel talks about ducking out of group texts. Sometimes they start off innocently then go off the rails. Group texts are like digital spam. Unless you’re coordinating a one-off social event or something, ugh.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Dolly Parton is a National Treasure

Dolly Parton did a photoshoot as a Playboy Bunny for her husband’s 75th birthday. She is the cutest, the best, the mostest.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Stacy London

Idk who Stacy London is but she’s trying to change the perception about menopause.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Child Mask Recommendations

The CDC relaxed mask mandates but the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is advising that all kids and teachers should wear masks in school. Minor children can’t get vaxx and no guarantee that teachers or staff are vaxx. Me-again makes it about her. She fails at math by refusing to accept that most unvaccinated are GQP, regardless of their profession.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) talks about >> misinfo and disinfo affecting vaxx penetration, voting rights, her thoughts on Senators Manchin and Synema re/legislation, discussion on voter id laws

Then >> House select committee to investigate Insurrection and the GQP appointees to that committee, details on the bipartisan Senate version, her thoughts on SCOTUS Breyer to retire

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Mj Rodriguez Emmy Nomination

Mj Rodriguez talks about being the first transgender woman nominated for an Emmy for her role on Pose. She talks about >> learning of her nomination, other public inclusion of transgender people while state laws are regressing, her character Blanca, more on being part of the ballroom scene, releasing her single under her full name Michaela J, working on a full album

Hot Topic Monday Show GQP Anti Vaxxers Killing Themselves

Vaccinated people are perpetuating the human species while unvaccinated people are the ones still getting hospitalized and dying from covid. Fox News has vaccine passport for employees, while on-air commentators are still lying about covid and vaxx. Facebook is the worst. Other social media algorithms continue to feed the anti vaxx beast despite rules against posting anti covid and anti vaxx conspiracies. No such thing as vaccine hesitancy, only vaccine refusal. Natural Selection in real time. Me-again doesn’t blame GQP rhetoric, she blames Biden admin. Good lordddd. We’ve now entered the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Get your shots, and wear your mask where you want, or where you should.

Hot Topic Monday Show Olympic Cardboard No-Sex Beds

Tokyo has cardboard beds in Olympic Village, ostensibly because they’re recyclable, but also the rumor was to discourage the rampant sexy time known at all Olympics. Lol this gymnast filmed a video he posted to twitter, debunking the no-sex rumor by jumping up and down on the sturdy bed ahahahah. The panel talks about sexy time at the Olympics.

Hot Topic Monday Show RHONY Ratings Slump

RHONY ratings are declining, is it because they’re too woke now? Reality is about escapism but the show has become an extension of real life, re/political discourse. The show has become the no-fun zone. Plus people are eager to get out this summer so less people are watching tv.

Hot Topic Monday Show Hayley Arceneaux

Hayley Arceneaux will be the youngest American ever on a space flight when she joins an all-civilian team for Space X mission. She’s a childhood cancer survivor. She talks about >> being the first, her childhood cancer battle, working for and representing St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, she’s a physician’s assistant at St Jude’s, SpaceX mission efforts to raise money for St Jude’s medical research and free treatment for patients, more about the astronaut training and what she’ll be doing while in orbit, her thoughts on other private space missions (Bezos, Brand)

Hot Topic Friday Show More TRE45ON Revelations

Whoopi and Sunny are out, Ana is on, Yvette Nicole Brown joins

Lots more books reveal what an authoritarian crazed man T45 was (no surprise) plus all the reputation rehab efforts, which they can all go pound sand. Ana has her Friday rant. Don’t buy these books, just read the snippets shared for free on social media. Sara loses her train of thought mid-sentence lol. T45 tours aren’t selling well, hard to say if it’s only because MAGA will go to free rallies vs not pay for tickets.

Hot Topic Friday Show Covid Changing Women’s Fashion

Ontd will you ditch your bra like Gillian Anderson? There was already a post on that. The panel talks about newly redesigned granny panties and why women want to be comfortable more than be sexy. Ana is funny.

Hot Topic Friday Show How to End Bad Date

Lifestyle Magazine gave tips on how to end a bad date. Panel has all kinds of stories. Sara would only schedule drinks first, with friend dinner later, which she could cancel if drinks went well. YNB talks about Irish goodbye (secretly walking out), but then says honesty works for her. Ana reminds to take your purse if you’re going to skidaddle mid-date. Me-again talks about imaginary dates, where she told the truth about being GQP and that would scare off the liberal men.

Hot Topic Friday Show Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell is promoting his new AMC+ series The North Water. Colin talks about >> running his first marathon, when he was last home in Ireland, YNB wants personal recommendations, filming in the arctic, how granny panties would’ve come in handy for layered warmth, no wifi or cell while filming, how he occupied his time, semi-nude clip with ~colorful jokes lol, 90s flashback video line dancing, playing Penguin in new Batman [holy unrecognizable photo!].

Hot Topic Friday Show Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn is promoting the new season of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime. He talks about >> dressing during covid re/comfort, understanding comfort trap, celebrating vaxx freedom by wearing good fashion, clip of Sara with two outfits above-below camera lol, his review of Sunny’s bedazzled Chanel crocs, working with Heidi Klum on next season, filming during covid, plays preview clip

Hot Topic Thursday Show GQP Hates Their Voters and Minors

More fallout from Tennessee refusal to provide outreach to youth about health care including vaccinations for all conditions, not just covid. The anti vaxxers are ruining it for everyone.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Britney Can Hire Her Own Attorney

In the wake of ruling that Britney can hire her own lawyer, the panel talks about the conservatorship and all the various related drivers and possible changes to how pop culture figures are treated going forward.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Couples Vacation Alone

Question on Reddit about woman going on couples trip alone after purchasing trip only to learn b/f passport is expired and won’t get renewal in time. The panel says Bye, Loser. Except Joy, who needs her husband to carry her luggage.

Hot Topic Thursday Show Gross Stuff

Buzzfeed article, what grosses you out. Water parks, excessive selfie-taking, Mr Pimple Popper /vomit, bar snacks, blowing out candles on birthday cake, fishbowl drinks with multiple straws.

Hot Topic Thursday Show 50 Cent

50 Cent is promoting Power Book III: Raising Kanan. He talks about >> lego gun controversy, Power series on Starz-Hulu, Emmys ghosting him, parallels of the character to his personal life, casting and working with Patina Miller, collaborating with Da Baby

Ontd how is your summer going what fun things have you done or have planned?

Source links are below each video or section
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Love you, Giannis!
I need a ringtone of Fauci telling Rand Paul he's full of shit.
Yeah, fuck Rand Paul. And I don’t understand his crazy hatred of Dr. Fauci and the health community in general re: the pandemic. He’s a fucking doctor! But I can now understand why his neighbor beat him up a few years ago.
And when RP retorts saying he is doctor too...this man is so full of shit. He's an ophthalmologist (nothing against them...I desperately need them) but his opinion on anything should be nullified. PLUS, he's SELF certified. WTF?! He is not certified on the Board of Ophthalmology and started his own board. Sketchy motherfucker is sketchy.

This fucker swam in a public pool after he knew he was positive and has been a fucking trashbag human shit stain racist/misogynist/homophobe asswipe.

I would happily take a shit on his grave.
I just saw “The Beguiled” on Netflix and it was actually better than I thought it would be.
I really appreciated the brevity and the aesthetic. I know it's based on a novel, but it felt like a short story to me which was cool. It lacked a lot of the filler so many of her other films are filled with.
Colin Farrell was so hot in that film
Meghan is such an insufferable brat. My goodness. Her sour puss face, the sarcasm about the vaccine, the eye rolling... good lord. She looks miserable all the time. Is that what happens when you marry someone who used to tweet that you were ugly?
He publicly called her ugly and she married him?! That’s just sad.
he used to tweet about her. i wish i could remember exactly what. but it wasnt nice. and she MARRIED him!
I love that someone new learns this even View post and is horrified!


July 22 2021, 16:51:57 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 16:53:02 UTC

an ugly dude no less! and she wonders why people don't take her seriously.
Didn't she quit? Why won't she go away?


2 months ago


2 months ago

Colin Farrell remains lovely.
Back to thirsting Colin Farrell. He looks good!!!
My Summer plan is working, and saving on the chance borders every where ever open again. I want to travel so badly, but I respect that there is still a pandemic going on. MeanTwhile, so many people in my life a globetrotting all aroundt this bitch, and seeing that is fucking with me further.

If I can't get out of here in 2022... I don't know what I'll do tbh. I'm losing it. Angrier and angrier everyday.
god i love colin sfm. constantly making me watch things i have no interest in but end up enjoying most of the time. what a treasure.
Same. Have you started watching The North Water yet? I'm not really interested in the story, but I might watch it just for him.
Sounds like me. When I read the synopsis I wasn't interested and was going to skip it then I saw that Colin was starring in it and thought, I guess I'll give it a chance.


2 months ago

no, I haven't. I just finished Dr. Death so I'll probably start watching this weekend.


2 months ago

fuck off forever Rand Paul. Glad Dr. Fauci ripped into your asshole!
I truly hate that sob. Covid should have saved us from this asshole and taken him.

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