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Selena Gomez calls out Facebook for allowing COVID vaccine misinformation...again

Selena Gomez is back on Twitter calling out Facebook and Instagram for continuing to allow COVID vaccine misinformation on the platforms. This comes several days after President Biden stated that Facebook is harming people by allowing misinformation to spread on the platform.

source: 1 2 3

ONTD, have you seen a lot of vaccine misinformation on your social media feed?
Tags: covid-19, facebook, selena gomez

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a website started by a bored, horny and lonely college kid causing worldwide mayhem and having way too much fucking influence in society.. I hate this world lol
I feel like it'd be pretty easy to block misinformation about COVID/the vaccine but rich men prove they don't give a single shit or fuck.
I’m aiding in a little side project on anti vaccine/mask sentiment for a professor’s book research and facebook is an absolute breeding ground for misinformation about pretty much everything imaginable. We’re living in a world where people believe their skepticism of universal and proven truths makes them intellectually superior beings because they’re ~asking the tough questions~ and want to do their ~research~. Even though their research is just sharing information they already agree with 🤦🏻‍♀️
I see it on Instagram and Twitter too, but Facebook just takes it to a whole other level. I don't want to say it's because of the higher percentage of older users but...
It totally is. People 60+ who believe because it’s on the internet it has to be true.
i joined a facebook group recently called "i'm high and these are conspiracy theories" thinking was a group where people just vibe and talk about weird shit but no, it's legitimately people who are unashamed to admit they think the earth is flat or that animal planet mermaid documentary is real or sandy hook was fake or wayfair/adrenochrome harvesting is real or that covid or the vaccine or both are population control. it's extremely disheartening to see how easily this shit is spread. and they get really mad when you approach with any fact checking or simple debunking of their nonsense.

i saw a post, i think from scibabe, that said something like automatically believing the opposite of what any authority tells you does not make you enlightened, intelligent or a free thinker the way so many people love to act like it does, and that group is a perfect example.


2 months ago


2 months ago

i had a few coworkers like that and was genuinely shocked, i feel like i've been living a v sheltered life bc even ppl i didn't get along with had basic critical thinking skills. i've had multiple discussions that yes, there IS a difference between an opinion and a fact, or one guy argued studying rhetoric is banned in germany bc the government is afraid of another hitler happening, or. something. (i pulled up a list of universities where you can study it for bachelor or master, turns out he didn't even google if it's true, he just accepted that germans are "sleep sheep".)

or another colleague who showed me a video of people becoming "magnetic" and sticking metal objects to their arm - it didn't even occur to her that there might be glue on those objects, which the camera doesn't show you. just zero questioning of blatant lies at all. it's depressing.
Not so much with COVID, but my aunts constantly share misinformation about some of the most stupid things - I used to try and correct them, but it's just tiring.
i really love that she does this kind of stuff
I can't deal with the comment sections of any local news posts about COVID. It's filled with idiots talking about how the vaccines cause death and how their freedom is being infringed. It's depressing and aggravating.
I know Social Media is what it is right but at the same time I'm so fucking annoyed at how quick they can delete and punish people for SW or feminists for pointing out the fragility of men etc but these wildly incorrect covid theories, anti-vax, sexism, racism and homophobia all fucking thrives. Like. I'm. just so fucking tired of it.

But at the same time.... videos of cows make me happy and I won't delete my social media so I am part of the problem.
Honestly good for her for bringing this attention
I got rid of Facebook last year and it was the best thing I've ever done for my mental health

It shouldn't exist
I've considered it tbh, but Facebook is basically my only form of communication with my grandma and aunt who live out of state and refuse to get cell phones/struggle with talking on the phone due to their hearing.
I get that, but there are lots of other ways to connect/talk with people remotely besides Facebook
They also own Instagram and Whatsapp, I got rid of Facebook but all my friends use Instagram so it's difficult to communicate without it


2 months ago

It gives me major Boomer energy every time I engage with it
You could just unfollow or unfriend people.

Do people that delete their social media just not have will power to not log into the apps if it is still on their phone?


2 months ago


2 months ago

I deactivated mine too and haven’t looked back. It was like one day I realised I was just scrolling through ads and shitty comments so I got rid of it.
i only use it to post in private groups for work things otherwise i'd do the same. pretty sure all the people im friends with on there thought I was dead until I changed my userpic a few weeks ago.
Its honestly crazy/almost impressive to me that as someone who was constantly touted for being the most followed person on instagram for years she really never seemed to give a fuck or be happy about it and clearly still feels that way lol glad she called them out

it sucks tho I feel like a prisoner to social media. you need it for small businesses, friends, even certain courses I took in college required facebook. and I throughly enjoy posting pics on ig and connecting and reading memes and happy animal videos but I hate that I'm bringing any bit of money to zucks
she's finally using her voice for something that fucking matters I guess.

credit where credit is due i think she learned her lesson after that one!
that was cringe but i'm hoping she's learned from that moment tbh
She’s only like 30! She’s still growing!
she took it to Capitol Hill!
Can they do something about the WhatsApp misinformation as well please. The older generation hates the internet but believes everything that’s forwarded to them on WhatsApp, it’s so frustrating!
I have aunts like this. They just recently reposted a video of some dipshits claiming that 45.000 died of the vaccine in three days and they’ve filed a lawsuit.
Ugh this is my partners mom, she gets all her info from WhatsApp. Now every time we all meet up it ends in a shouting match between them because she always has to start an argument about how we're all wrong and she's right because she saw a few videos😒
All these social media relies on the money of the ads, money is more important to them, it's very very obvious, how else can you become a billionaire? not through ethics
i've seen the opposite. most of the people i follow are posting about the facts of the vaccine etc.
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