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Selena Gomez calls out Facebook for allowing COVID vaccine misinformation...again

Selena Gomez is back on Twitter calling out Facebook and Instagram for continuing to allow COVID vaccine misinformation on the platforms. This comes several days after President Biden stated that Facebook is harming people by allowing misinformation to spread on the platform.

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ONTD, have you seen a lot of vaccine misinformation on your social media feed?
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I wish some of these celebs would also take to task their friends when they say BS on social media, its real easy to go after some amorphous organization by @ing them on their own platform but directly combatting misinformation would also be nice. It needs to be challenged and discredited in realtime by individuals as well.
ive seen some of my mutus in the UK share anti-vax stuff and it bums me out.

social media is quite important as an alternative method of communication for autistic/dis people so it’s discouraging when it happens.

we joke that we levelled up our autism after getting the rona vax lol
good for her tbh
Misinformation, moral panics, this stuff is the bread and butter for most social media platforms right now. It’s bad on Facebook obviously but it’s starting to get really bad on tiktok. So far it’s been harmless but misinformation spreads really fast these days. I’ll see a tiktok that says some complete nonsense as fact and within 24 hours I’ll see tweets spreading that same misinformation using that tiktok as a source.

And of course none of these sites will ever do anything about it because misinformation increases users.
good 4 u Ms Gomez. This would be personal for her cuz I don't know if she could even get vaccinated? Immunosuppressants can fuck with the efficacy pretty badly. The one I'm on makes the vaccines very hit-or-miss but my gut feeling is with delta it's going to make them basically ineffective for a lot of ppl with autoimmune disorders/cancer/transplants. Which is high key terrifying.

Since we live in the stupidest timeline, my country has managed to make the vaccines into a stupid partisan football in terms of boomers refusing to get AstraZeneca because they want the 'good' pfizer vaccine instead (which we have far less supply of so we can't just give it to everyone), and this being especially prevalent in the smooth brained diehard fans of the opposition party (who really aren't that different from the ruling one), with nonsense being spread on twitter and facebook about we chose to mostly get AZ because some MPs have shares in the company who makes it* and there's kickbacks to other people involved and it's all a big conspiracy. Nothing to do with Aus being able to manufacture it locally ofc! And these same people are making a huge meal out of the blood clotting issue...which is a risk for women under 50. It's so fucking stupid and makes me so angry that these people are straight up spreading anti vax propaganda in service of their demented fantasy political football games. It's worth noting that as soon as the PM gave the ok for all adults to get AZ as long as they signed a waiver from their doctor stating they understood the risk, a huge number of millennials did exactly that. But I've seen these idiot drips on twitter saying they won't do that because they don't want to give a 'win' to the PM for bungling the roll-out** like...what the entire fuck?

*CSL. Which if you have an even slightly diversified share portfolio, say, as part of your retirement fund, you do too!
**there's no question it was a total snafu but fuck me dead, these people!!!
I also have lupus, like Selena, and am on immunosuppressants. I am fully vaccinated. Most of my friends who are also on immunosuppressants are vaccinated. It's less that the vaccines might cause an issue with medications / our diseases (though I, and most of said friends, can attest that the doses hit us pretty hard, RE: side-effects), and more that we're still figuring out if the vaccine is as effective for us as it is for people who aren't immunocompromised. It probably isn't. I'm still masked everywhere I go.
Possibly it's an issue to my specific immunosuppressant (rituximab), at least from what I've read it seems like certain -mab therapies might affect it more than others. I would assume that's to do with them targeting the same subtype of B cells that are needed for humoral immunity. My neurologist told me they're not sure how well the vax works for these patients but they're encouraging people to get it regardless - but you can't have it within the first 3 months of an infusion at a minimum because it *definitely* doesn't work. It makes for really interesting reading but also rather terrifying, as I think it means some of the vax I got before I started rituximab have been 'forgotten' by my body.

I just don't leave the house except to see doctors lol (tbh my life has been that way for a long time)
Deactivate your account and list covid misinformation as the reason.
My youngest cousin has bought into the “Covid-19 vaccine causes infertility” bs BUT a mutual friend just told me that my cousin is probably going to reach out to me to discuss it because she’s now *thinking* about getting the vaccine. I’m so nervous! But I have so many resources ready.
Omg, a work colleague actually went to get vaccinated and the nurse told her that it had a chance of making her infertile. It kinda shocked her to hear that, but it isn't true?


July 22 2021, 12:08:11 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 12:08:42 UTC

I think it's coming from the fact that some women had miscarriages after getting it and are attributing it to the vaccine but unfortunately miscarriages are not uncommon and they're not likely related. Also ties into the population control conspiracy. That nurse should be reported btw
It could also be coming from the fact that some women have experienced changes in their menstrual cycles since receiving the vaccine. When stuff like that happens people tend to panic and worry about the consequences of it having on fertility. I agree that that nurse was spreading misinformation though.
There's a whole article about how people are getting past the censorship by referring to people who have gotten the vaccine as "dancers" (as in "they danced with Maxine"), and the "vaccine shedding" (not a thing with this kind of vaccine) as "glitter."
yep anti-vaxx groups are now "dance party" groups
I have a boomer friend and she's progressive on a lot but she's also into a bit of the woo healing things so she does dip into some misinformation. The easiest thing to do is ask for the source of their info and continue asking where that info got its sources. If it was genuinely true there would be more than one point of origin sharing it.
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