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Scooter Braun files for divorce

• A few weeks ago it was reported that Scooter Braun and his wife Yael had separated, but "sources" told tmz that a reconciliation wasn't out of the question. Scooter even posted about their wedding anniversary earlier this month.

• Now Scooter has filed for divorce, apparently filing for joint custody of their three children and has agreed to pay spousal support. The two have a pre-nup in place drawn up by notorious Hollywood divorce attorney Laura Wasser who is representing Scooter in the divorce.

source/ontd post
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She's really pretty, I hope she enjoys her newly single life and not being married to... that.
why do you think this blood diamond heiress wont be fine?
Oh I have no idea who she is. She's from diamond money?
oh, fun, her dad has owned a bunch of gold mining businesses and they left south africa in 1994, i.e., when apartheid ended

what a great family!


3 months ago

did his parents actually name him scooter?
No. His real name is Scott.
Every single time I hear about this dummy I'm like...he's an adult. Who calls himself Scooter. Willingly and publicly.
Scooter is some nickname he got as a fratboy in college.
He looks like a potato.
alexa play mad woman
Eh. This seems reasonable. 🤷🏾‍♂️ At least he’s not going for full custody or refusing spousal support.
Honestly makes me wonder if she's got something on him he doesn't want coming out in court if he tried it tbh
He was doomed when his parents named his ass Scooter.
He goes by scooter willingly as a grown man that ain’t his name lol
oh no 🤣
Omg for a second I thought that was Pretty Bird.
7 year itch? idk i never understood that but 🤷🏻‍♀️
I love this kid so much
good 4 him
My initial comment has been derailed by the info that she’s a diamond heiress so… I’m glad she doesn’t have to watch him huff and puff on top of her for a minute, but I’m sad for all the women who will have to watch him huff and puff on top of them for a minute.
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