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Scooter Braun files for divorce

• A few weeks ago it was reported that Scooter Braun and his wife Yael had separated, but "sources" told tmz that a reconciliation wasn't out of the question. Scooter even posted about their wedding anniversary earlier this month.

• Now Scooter has filed for divorce, apparently filing for joint custody of their three children and has agreed to pay spousal support. The two have a pre-nup in place drawn up by notorious Hollywood divorce attorney Laura Wasser who is representing Scooter in the divorce.

source/ontd post
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good wives always know~
Holy related
oh darn, you just hate to see it.
They have the same mouths?
and eyes and nose?? At least he's lacking that brow arch
Straights, brr.
get that settlement money sis!!!
i guess at least he's not the kind of cheater who makes things difficult for his wife and will pay his penance coins
I wish him nothing.
👀 so, uh... any relation or..?
The original, the superior, the ever-reigning Scooter
isn't Yael, according to the torah, the woman who tricked a man into her house and killed him? pretty cool name tbh
I wish him the worst.
she vaguely looks like kristin bell to me.

not that i'm filthy rich or anything, but i think pre-nups should become more common among the rest of us.
Deuxmoi posted a blind suggesting that Scooter got one of his mistresses pregnant and that's why he deactivated all of his social media LMAO
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