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Miley Cyrus releases new merch line stating "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay"

Everyone's favorite ex-Disney star has just released two new shirts in her online merch store!

The two shirts are a pink muscle top and a white long sleeve shirt, both of which state "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay" on the front in Miley's own handwriting! The muscle tee has "I <3 Dick" and a doodle of a penis on the front. The long sleeve shirt features additional doodles on the sleeves, including boobs and "I <3 Pussy".

The muscle tee costs $35 USD while the long sleeve shirt is $45 USD. A unspecified portion of the proceeds will go to Miley's "Happy Hippie" charity. Both shirts are available at Miley's merch store.

twitter // miley's merch store

Will you be purchasing a shirt, ONTD?
Tags: lgbtq / rights, miley cyrus, who asked for this

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🗑 🔥
Britney made be realize I'm bi.

Denise Richard's wet shirt in wild things.

Xtina' dirrty Era


Bb Lanrek had great taste 👌🏻
Devon 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Didn’t age as nicely as I hopped- but he was stunning for a moment in time.
same but it was christina ricci for me
Devon in Little Giants made me realize I was straight
I had a huge "crush" on christina ricci when i was young (wrote to her fan club lol) and I now realize it was kind of a by proxy crush on devon sawa b/c she was in casper and now and then with him as her romantic foil, ugh he was SO hot back then.
Looking back on it? Jean Butler in Riverdance.

Also definitely Nikki Webster turning into Kylie Minogue and Kylie wearing that pink showgirl outfit singing Dancing Queen at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. When I was older it was Erica Durance in Smallville.
Lee Thompson Young as Jett Jackson was my first ever crush so that was when it started for me
But it was this photo of Usher that really sealed the deal for me

I had a big crush on the middle son with the brown curly hair in the sitcom Grounded for Life. 11-year-old me felt so ashamed of it :P
Rae Dawn Chong ftw

I have no idea why 5 yr old lil me was allowed to watch the movie Commando but omw I was a smitten kitten with her.

Jessica Alba in Dark Ángel promos

Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer) in Starship Troopers
I 100% agree about Denise in Wild Things.

Yasmine Bleeth in Baywatch. Tiffani Amber Theissen in Saved By the Bell. When I read Spencer/Ashley fanfiction..
Going way back I realized Sarah Connor and Vasquez from Aliens had me questioning things lol

And Xena obviously
p much every female celebrity circa 1992-1999
The OG red and pink power rangers lol
I tend to credit Amanda Seyfried
I was too young to fully realize that I was bi, but Lori Petty in Tank Girl made my little heart beat faster every time.
Marguerite Moreau in Queen of the Damned, lol.
Pepsi commercial with Beyoncé, Britney and P!nk. Goddamn.
Sunny from the wwe, which is regrettable now knowing what an awful person she is
My gay root is a combination of Jennifer Love Hewitt in IKWYDLS, SMG in Buffy, and Angelina Jolie in playing by heart.
Dana Scully
Lara Croft
Isis from Bring It On!
angelina in mr and mrs smith didn’t make me realize but confirmed for me women are infinitely more beautiful and attractive than any man would ever be to me
Blank Check was a very confusing movie for me. I was in love with both the male lead and the old perverted pedophile cop lady.
Jessica Alba in Dark Angel but I had had heaps of crushes before that but hadn't figured it out
when britney's "toxic" video came out omgg
this outfit really did it for me:

there were others too like
rogue from the xmen animated series
catwoman in btas
spice girls (mel b specifically)
A couple stand outs

Ashton Kutcher in skimpy underwear on that 70s show

And this pic of Dennis quaid

Which actually doesn’t do much for me now 😂
Janelle Monae’s Pantsuit/jumpsuit days made me realize I was bi.

And I had a crush on Scarjo after I saw Avengers. Though that faded quickly once I read interviews with her 😅
her aesthetic is vile
That really sums it up
This comment needs to be screen capped and put in every Miley post.
i feel like it's not even just her aesthetic, it's just her. she's vile 🤷🏿‍♀️
i think her aesthetic is reductive, but she's a gross person
That phrase would make a nice merch shirt
right? what in the beverly hillbillies is this

who tags their dad and rolls around on his car while talking about loving dick...
everything about her honestly
Tommy/The White Ranger opened the door on it
Chris O'Donnell and those suiting up scenes from 'Batman & Robin' made me realize it
Kyan from Queer Eye confirmed it.
not the bat nipples!!! 😭
I was 10, ok Matty! LOL
Yesss Batman & Robin
agreed on Chris o' donnell.
There's no accounting for taste but you do you Miley.
She is horrific in everything. I’m surprised she still has a career.
I didn't think she did!!
Who said that???
Scrambling to stay relevant.

No concept to snatch and call her own🤪😜😛😝
sorry Miley but that was Demi.
I’m sorry but that caption is gross. You can love dick all you want, but flaunting that fact for your dad is some kind of 🤮.

Deleted comment

This mullet trend is killing my soul.
is it even a trend though? who else has a mullet at the moment?
Demi lovato and half the girls on TikTok
every queer and queer-adjacent white person in brooklyn
It was a trend with paramores rise and I see it coming back again. I see a lot of mullets or shags and I hate both personally it took me a long time to find a hair stylist that wasn’t only posting photos of those cuts as examples of work
They will be as laughed at as the 80s mullets. A good shag is one thing but my god some of the things that show up on Instagram are just... Yikes
i cut my bangs too far back and i am now with mullet :/


July 22 2021, 00:55:47 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 00:58:00 UTC

God she's so exhausting 🙄

And the fact that she writhing on top of a Nissan just adds to it too
title or description
title or description

end post...right here

I’m surprised anyone finds her attractive with the personality she has.

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