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Miley Cyrus releases new merch line stating "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay"

Everyone's favorite ex-Disney star has just released two new shirts in her online merch store!

The two shirts are a pink muscle top and a white long sleeve shirt, both of which state "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay" on the front in Miley's own handwriting! The muscle tee has "I <3 Dick" and a doodle of a penis on the front. The long sleeve shirt features additional doodles on the sleeves, including boobs and "I <3 Pussy".

The muscle tee costs $35 USD while the long sleeve shirt is $45 USD. A unspecified portion of the proceeds will go to Miley's "Happy Hippie" charity. Both shirts are available at Miley's merch store.

twitter // miley's merch store

Will you be purchasing a shirt, ONTD?
Tags: lgbtq / rights, miley cyrus, who asked for this

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I can’t see her as any kind of LGTBQ representative after her comment about how women shouldn’t “give up and date women since there are still good guys out there”
I realized I was bi because dateline or someone did a special report on it lmao. I had just finished watching "dracula dead and loving it" on tv and the news was on right after. My lil brain exploded when they were like "there are people out there who date BOTH men AND women!" I have no idea why it was a special report. but it made sense because I was always making my barbies make out with each other.
ew no why
.....did everyone try the chicken?
I think I liked Emily Osment in Hannah Montana, and definitely not Miley, sorry lmao

even her voice was gross to me, she always sounded like she was congested and it wasn't cute


July 22 2021, 07:52:45 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 07:53:34 UTC

i've kind of always known i was bi so i'm a little sad i don't have like, that One Awakening or first crush thing. altho watching sailor moon and rose of versailles from v early on might have normalised the idea lol

i do remember v vividly crushing on an older girl i saw on holiday at a street festival, she could whistle on her fingers and i was smitten and that's why i learned how to whistle on my fingers lol
Why is this woman 28 and still making jokes about her dad being scandalized by her behavior? lol.
that is some shitty ad copy jesus get it together social media coordinator
It's better than the Terry shirt, I'll give her that.
No thanks
*big ole ass eye roll*
god she's just so gross lmao
yeah.. idts
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