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Miley Cyrus releases new merch line stating "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay"

Everyone's favorite ex-Disney star has just released two new shirts in her online merch store!

The two shirts are a pink muscle top and a white long sleeve shirt, both of which state "Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I'm Gay" on the front in Miley's own handwriting! The muscle tee has "I <3 Dick" and a doodle of a penis on the front. The long sleeve shirt features additional doodles on the sleeves, including boobs and "I <3 Pussy".

The muscle tee costs $35 USD while the long sleeve shirt is $45 USD. A unspecified portion of the proceeds will go to Miley's "Happy Hippie" charity. Both shirts are available at Miley's merch store.

twitter // miley's merch store

Will you be purchasing a shirt, ONTD?
Tags: lgbtq / rights, miley cyrus, who asked for this

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Every now and then I kinda crack up that her dad won a grammy before her. Like obvs he had a career looooong before her.

But I remember during the bangerz, her really wanting to win one to use that as justification for everything she did during that era. I remember her voicing some slight~ displeasure at not getting a win.

Meanwhile her dad gets invited to collab on one of the biggest hits/earworms of the year by just being himself lol.
It's so embarrassing how Grammy-thirsty some of these artists are. Let your music speak for itself, ffs.
Yeah there are def some artists that shamelessly desperate but also I don't really mind people having goals and chasing them.

But I have noticed that after a few years in the industry celebs welcome awards because beside the prestige/clout its also a form of reaffirmation for them. So many I've heard say that they felt the win believe in themselves and that they are taking steps in right direction with their artistry.


4 days ago


4 days ago

Oh please. Most ontders want their comments noticed by other users. Most musicians or music artists want their work appreciated by their peers. It's normal. It's human. None of us don't want to be celebrated for what we put out into the world.


4 days ago


4 days ago

I did lol at her Twitter caption 🤣🤣
She's no Charity Dingle.

No thanks.

Now if it said "Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side with the blonde wig and southern accent made me bi," then

I don't have a specific person/celebrity that made me realize I was Bi. I think it was just women in general. Miley is exhausting.
I feel like this is only cool if someone said this about you.. not if you merch it yourself. LOL
How can she still be in need of this much attention???
omg why did she tag her father
In theory I love this lol but sorry Miley it wasn't you
Good lord, she's annoying.
lmao flop
I still remember her “Terry touched me” shirt. So yeah, even if I was gay, I’d slam my fingers in a car door before I’d go near you, Miley.
Please someone help me i am overdosing on cringe and cap
"I'm on my way!!"
just here to say that slide away is one of her best songs. It came on my spotify algorithm and it should've been a bigger hit.

IDK any celebs that made me realize I was gay. It was mostly my friends hot dads.
you're right about that, i love some of her music.
i just wish she'd lock herself in her house and be quiet when she's not performing
plastic hearts is a great album, too
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