leenerific (leenerific) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Hayden Panettiere reunites with abuser ex Brian Hickerson

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh that's not a good idea. And the fact he went running to the media to confirm?

Tags: hayden panettiere, prayer circle, you in danger

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oh hayden... :(
This is just sad.
I really would like to know more about what happened with Hayden.
I really wish her the best.
at the very least we know milo ventimiglia groomed her on the set of Heroes and they went public after she turned 18
Oh, honey.
Oh Hayden, I hope you stay safe. You owe nothing, not your time or your forgiveness. I hope she is able to keep her distance in time 😕
Her life is so sad.
This is genuinely heartbreaking.

I saw a domestic abuse incident for the first time last month and it was just heartbreaking how little you can do especially bc the victim didnt want anything done.
This is heart wrenching. She is under no obligation to forgive him or help him in his recovery.
oh no

This poor woman. That's all I can say. The headspace she must be in... Please someone get her some help.

This guy has to die.
Absolutely heartbreaking
This is making me as sad as when Rihanna went back with Chris Brown after her abuse. I was so upset with the situation, these beautiful women deserve so much better.
She has done so much since that it's not the thing that people most associate her with imo, but I hate so much that she went through that. And Rihanna! No matter how effortlessly cool or stylish or badass or tough you may project, women especially black women are so vulnerable to having to endure that no matter how famous they are.
I hate this. I hate how normalized this dynamic is to the point that it's published like a cute reunion and not like Girl, Run, Remember the Restraining Order. If the law has gotten involved, it doesn't matter how charming he is fresh out of jail/rehab. I hope she stays safe and doesn't get retraumatized into staying with him I hate that there is a daughter involved, I hate violent men so much I can't even.
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