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Hayden Panettiere reunites with abuser ex Brian Hickerson

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh that's not a good idea. And the fact he went running to the media to confirm?

Tags: hayden panettiere, prayer circle, you in danger

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Aw girl :(

I hope she has someone in her life looking out for her
clearly not...why cant her 7 foot exfiance/baby daddy come scare the shit out of this guy to leave her alone :(
That’s just not how it is when someone you love is in an abusive relationship. You think every person in an abusive relationship or who returns to one doesn’t ever have a single person who tries to convince them not to? Looking out for someone in a violent relationship doesn’t mean you can magically whisk them away, they are adults who make their own choices and sometimes all you can do is make sure that person knows they deserve better and you’re here for them when they are ready for help
"To clarify, I was enjoying a Miller 'Latte' [slang for Miller Lite], and Hayden was not drinking," Brian says. "We went to a new restaurant that is Texas-based, and being a Southern guy, I'm a big fan of country music. So yes, there was some line dancing involved. Hayden and I are not back together but are working on a friendship."

So first steps in “recovery” as an abuser is to take the victim line dancing at a Texas-based restaurant? He is absolutely disgusting for how nonchalant he is about this.

I hope she has a lot of love and support around her and wish her the best.
This is sad, I hope she's able to realize she deserves better than this before she's hurt again.

Deleted comment

Oh shit no. I hope her family/friends can change her mind or something.
Noooo :(
that he has a 5-year restraining order against him and he goes to the media to say he isn't following it. enjoy going straight back to prison you freak.

e allowing this abuser to share this and then publishing it with the ndvh number..... grotesque.
i fear for how this could end.
This is not going to end well. I feel very badly for those who love her.
SHe's had such a heartbreaking life.

I feel like she hasn't been well for a really long time and I hope one day she's able to heal.

I know her daughter is being raised by him and his mom and that's the best thing. No child should be involved in this but I really hope she has some family and friends who are still there to support her and hopefully help her get out of this relationship.
This is so sad.

I hope she can break the cycle for herself and for her child. This dude is not worth it. Nobody is worth it.
Oh no
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