I live, I die, I live again (sandstorm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I live, I die, I live again

Michaela Coel cast in "Black Panther 2"

No other details, besides she was with Ryan Coogler at Pinewood in Atlanta last month, but apparently she was in The Last Jedi? Huh.

Production began last month for an intended release next July.

Tags: black celebrities, marvel

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Yes can't wait!!
She is one of the celebs that I just want all the good things in life for. Get that Marvel Money, gurl.
Yas, way to go, Michaela!

Can I just say that I signed up to HBO Max just so I could watch I May Destroy You. I became a massive fan of Michaela after watching and reading up on her story. I want her to succeed so much <3
i just saw some speculation she might be playing an older version of shuri and that letitia wright is out after the anti-vaxx twitter mess. i wouldn’t hate that especially if her shuri becomes black panther
if Letitia gets fired because of daring to question whats in a vaccine, then that is truly cancel culture at its worst.
And seeing as how there hasn't been a word about anything on that front in a while, i'm sure she's still in it, thankfully.

And i say this as a pro vaxxer, living that Pfizer life.
Antivax, Qanon & supporting transphobic shit was a deadly combo (but maybe that's just me)


1 week ago


1 week ago

so excited!!!! get'em michaela!
I hope she gets a good screen time, we deserve it! About her being Storm: Goddess tier idea. I know it's just speculation but now I have feelings.
i never knew i wanted this until now.

But in any case, i dont know if they're messing with the xmen integration JUUUST yet.
Yes get that marvel money queen!
I am so excited for this! A few months ago, I watched sooo many of her interviews/speeches and I find her absolutely captivating. I want to watch I May Destroy You so bad but the subject matter cuts a little too close to home and I know I am not in the mental space to handle it. knowing it’s based on true events means it would be even harder to watch, but also makes me want to watch it more to support her telling her story.

Anyways, I am very excited to be able to watch her in something beyond interviews.
i remember they were maybe talking to kiki layne about storm and even though i like her a lot, this is MUCH better casting (if michaela is, indeed, going to be storm). if it can’t be michaela, i’d be interested in seeing jodie turner-smith’s audition tape lol
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