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‘Batgirl’: Leslie Grace Lands Role Of Barbara Gordon

Leslie Grace has been tapped to play Barbara Gordon in the studios’ Batgirl.
The film will bow on HBO Max. Kristin Burr is producing.
Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will direct the pic from a script by Christina Hodson.

Tags: black celebrities, casting / auditions, dc comics, latino celebrities

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Oooh niceee!!

Still listen to her bachata version of Be My Baby

oh i love this song. what a nice cover
Im guessing no storyline points have leaked yet?
*Please let this not be the tone-deaf colorism-denier*
*Please let this not be the tone-deaf colorism-denier*
*Please let this not be the tone-deaf colorism-denier*
*Please let this not be the tone-deaf colorism-denier*
Think that was Melissa Barrera. IIRC Leslie didn't say anything too dumb? The In The Heights press tour was a shitshow though so I could be wrong.
It's not, the denier is the one with the charisma of a wet paper towel. But hey, she was the right wet paper towel for the part!
lol she featured on a Super Junior song a couple years ago - I didn't know she acted
lmao i didn't realize this was "lo siento"
oh wow, throwback! she was definitely a highlight of that song lol
damn that's where i know her from, lol
I just don't trust men to direct the stories of young women. They're never willing to question themselves and their sexism.
i really didn't think they'd cast her since sasha calle is playing supergirl (you know, "there can only be one"), this is awesome! i found her so captivating in ITH, i'm so happy!

i'm mad the show is going straight to HBO max. ant-man has 3 movies, people. i repeat ANT-MAN HAS THREE MOVIES.
I love Paul Rudd but those movies are awful and I have a low bar


July 21 2021, 21:46:05 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 21:46:38 UTC

Hope she calls up Nightwing for a booty call first 10 min.
I don’t know ha but cool
No idea who she is but from the tag I can already hear the racists complain so you go girl
I liked her in In The Heights so I hope the movie does well and as always I am ready to fight nerds on the internet if they get mad about her casting
why is this on BO Max tho
yesss rooting for her

i mean she was just ok in ITH but hopefully that was just the material :x
Omg she’s such a bad actress
Her ITH character was so fucking boring but I think she's got charm. Genuinely surprised the non-white actress got the role out of those that had been rumoured before.
lmao. awful actress. good luck to ha tho shell need it.
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