crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Eric Clapton said he would cancel any shows if the venue requires attendees prove they are vaxxed

Tags: concert / tour dates, covid-19, music / musician

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This fucking racist-ass shit stain... how about we put him and all the peeps like him on a god damned island with no medical care and let them all die.

His elder ass should watch out, he's an at risk adult. Put on show with 100s unvaxxed and the next show will be his rites.
TF, wow. He's just an ass, no doubt but repeating.
no fucking way!
Wow, so he would be ok but the audience is at risk???

Grade A prick!
The boomer dudes who are going to see this as validation from one of their heroes... I can practically hear their burgeoning erections 🤮

That's kind of you to think they can even still get erections.

welp bye clapton ⚰️
I had to explain to a coworker how the vaccine actually works, and how it didn't just come out of nowhere. Just get the damn shot.
Age really doesn't lead to wisdom.
LMAO the tweet that's like "sorry to learn he's such an asshole" is so funny to me. did you not hear about the last 20 years?
The pandemic has showed how selfish and stupid people can be.

I would like all outdoor activities to have that policy, especially since cases are rising again
Cancel ha!
What a dumb piece of shit.

I want to start training again for my company, mostly because I really need the extra income once that student loan deferment ends, but I'm super anxious about it. I've told some people already interested in classes that I will 100% require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, and honestly I'd prefer to only work with vaccinated. The response has been mixed to say the least. Then I got my boss thinking covid is over and wants to hold an 15 person conference, potentially international, in October and I'm just really not here for that.

One of our distributors, literally the nicest woman, her husband just passed from covid and they have kids, the oldest is only like 14 and they've lost their dad at such a young age. It sounds awful but we have this other distributor who might just be the most retched person I've ever dealt with, 100% anti-vaxxer, if she was from the US would've voted Trump, and I was like why can't bad shit happen to her instead.
i'd normally make a snarky comment about how this decision of his doesn't affect me because i wouldn't accept money to see him in concert, but then i think about the venue employees who are trying to make an honest buck WHILE STAYING SAFE and this dude is just pissing on them. fuck eric clapton.
I'm going to hell for laughing out loud at this
OMG the noise I just made
that tweet is bold!
cancel them then (:
I have a desire to see so many of the greats in concert, but Clapton was never on that list. He can fuck off.

I'll just go see McCartney for the eighth time...
Clapton's always been trash. I'm glad people are remembering this cause he got a huge pass in the 90s when his son died.
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