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Eric Clapton said he would cancel any shows if the venue requires attendees prove they are vaxxed

Tags: concert / tour dates, covid-19, music / musician

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These MF's are trying to kill Us all.
i always had a soft spot for him bc the only thing i knew about him was that his son died and the song he wrote meant a lot to my parents

and then i learned more about him

and uh

fuck him
Ian Bremmer on ontd???

Anyway, fuck Clapton.

is this real
jesus fucking christ
thanks for censoring the word FUCK, person who transcribed this. that was truly the most offensive word said here.
ugghhhh twitter is fucking full of fanboys trying to defend this by saying it was 1976 and "OMG HE WAS DRUNK" like...a) even in 1976 it was fucking wrong and b) those words do not come from nowhere and c) ITS HARDLY THE ONLY TIME HE SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT???

men remain desperate to continue worshipping their crusty white faves i swear to god
Clapton's always been a dirtbag and asshole. I say that as a fan of his music. As a man, he's a piece of shit.
- Pete Townshend told a story about Clapton asking to meet him, and then discussed how Jimmy Hendrix was an existential threat to them both because...he was black and they weren't.
- He helped get one of his girlfriends hooked on heroin and she later overdosed.
- He emotionally and physically abused Patti Harrison and gave her a tiny settlement when they divorced. She had to basically beg him for money when she was older and wanted to buy a small house for herself.
- When his son fell out of an open window in NYC, he was in the hotel room, possibly high, and when the accident happened he left the premises secretly and quickly, leaving his girlfriend, the mother of their child, to deal with police and the aftermath, including telling them he wasn't there when it happened.
And there's more.
I agree that Eric Clapton is a complete and utter asshole who doesn't deserve his career to be idolized but I read Patti Boyd's memoir and she is a loon who was very materialistic. Her book was offensive to me.
I read that book too and had a completely different reaction. She and her sister were very much a product of their time and ver submissive to the men in their lives.
The fact that he wrote a song and got sympathy for his son's death when the real story he was negligent AF is 🤯🤯🤯.
First time I'm hearing about him being in the room? Cause the story has always been that the nanny was babysitting him while neither the mother and him were there.

He found out via call.


1 week ago


1 week ago


July 22 2021, 00:31:03 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 22 2021, 00:31:49 UTC


The nerve of this man tears and heaven can fuuuuckk alll the way off.

(But also, was that in an article, or tv report? Where did you hear that part of the incident)


1 week ago

Ppl have been saying all over twitter that he was jealous AF of Hendrix being the better musician...I knew it
Not racist America listening to another apparent racist.

I got my second dosage of pfizer vaccine today and the guy this time around was so kind and soft when injecting the needle. He asked what arm I wanted and said it was fine if I didn't want to watch. He prepared everything before calling me in since I told him I was a little iffy about needles.

So far my arm has begun to hurt but nothing more. Hopefully it goes easier than the first dosage.

Also my sister had to take one of the pups Abby to ER Vet since she was in bad shape. 😞 they returned home at 5 am and I feel horrible for her since she and my brother in law only have two more weeks before they move to Georgia where he begins working at the hospital. But right now they are trying to get a car and finalize an apartment they applied for.
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He's such a piece of shit. I can't even listen to August anymore because of everything he chooses to be.
Then cancel your shows, has-been. Nobody gives a f.


July 21 2021, 22:54:35 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 22:54:59 UTC

It’s good to know these turds are outing themselves so we all know to avoid them.
The last time he made good music was around 1971, he's just desperate to say something he thinks will get him in the papers again.
Time for the urn should be a tag
the wrong Clapton fell out the window
Then die, asshole.
My mother is a physician but my younger sister refuses to get the vaccine til at least 2022 because she thinks they were developed too fast. I try to share with her actual facts and peer reviewed articles, but she tells me that it’s « her body, her choice ». She’ll be 21 in December and I just want her safe. It’s exhausting trying to reason with her because I’m emotionally invested in her wellbeing and wanting her to be okay because I love her. It’s infuriating and distressing that she keeps saying she won’t get it.
My younger sister isn’t getting it yet because she already had covid…..she’s in a small town in Tennessee so I’m sure misinformation is rampent like she could be worse then she is but ugh I still hate that she thinks once she’s had covid she can’t get it bad again. I hope your sister stays safe and gets it! I’ve told my sister I can’t visit her until she does :(
Yep, that’s why my aunt and uncle didn’t get the vaccine…both had covid.

I’d still get it if I had come down with covid


6 days ago

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