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Eric Clapton said he would cancel any shows if the venue requires attendees prove they are vaxxed

Tags: concert / tour dates, covid-19, music / musician

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How very Morrissey of him


July 21 2021, 22:34:32 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 22:35:19 UTC

Clapton was born and grew up in a time when knee-jerk racism was the White way.
Morrissey, however, has no excuse, except he's a tiresome edgelord who's ashamed of being a fa**ot and seeming weak. So he went full fascist to prove he's a real man.

TL;DR: You're right, lol.
I'm loving how many venues are coming out and saying you have to be vaccinated/test negative to attend shows, really hope more places adopt that as a policy.
Right Said Fred, there is a name I've not heard in yeeeeeeeeeears. I see they are taking their irrelevancy well, and doing what so many has beens have done, and channeled the alt-right bullshit. They have so much anti-vax, covidiotcy on their page to make besties with Gina Carano. If she would have any friends who are gay.

Clapton is the definition of someone who is very talented, and an irredeemable asshole. Like if you wanted (I don't, but admit there was a time I liked some tunes) to overlook an incident, or two. Well he's got 40. Probably more. And in every single flavor of asshole. Racism, covidiocy, nationalism, sexism, partner abuse, probably some sexual, he was also such a massive fucking asshole to the mother of his son who died that she almost killed herself. He was a lousy father, and made a great album all about how much he loved him, and was fucking terrible to those who were grieving!

I admit, I learned of treatment of the mom a handful of years ago, before I learned all the other stuff, and because of my own grief (I didn't lose a child!)it stuck with me more. But there is just nothing good about Clapton outside of his musical talents, absolutely nothing. Horrible man.
I have a friend who lost her mom to Covid back in november, yesterday she got her vaccine and she literally couldn't stop crying. Her mom was such a nice, healthy lady who was following all protocols and staying home, and all it took was a visit from a family friend who didn't know they were sick. It fucking sucks that innocent people fall victim to this shitty virus, bc if it were only the Eric Claptons of the world things would be far easier. Life really isn't fair.
As somebody living in an Asian country struggling to deal with the Delta variant, the flippance of Western countries with their policies is, do you want people to die? Because this is how you get dead people.

Also, Eric Clapton hasnt meant shit to me since I learned that he is a racist anti-immigrant domestic abuser

He also doesn't deserve all the accolades. If you look past him, it is fairly easy to find artists who are infinitely better and evidently not a douchebag
I am somehow not surprised. Fuck this dude.
Cry more, asshole. He looks like fellow racist Mitch McConnell in that photo too
lol he really does! they look like botched henson muppets.
I still get mad when I remember Tom Petty is dead but this piece of shit isn't
This was my thought lol thinking people like Jack Bruce are dead and this asshole lives on

Right? Yet another in long line of cases of the wrong one dying.

some people want to be oppressed SO BAD. can u imagine if this was a big obstacle in ur life? "i can't go to concerts bc i don't want a free vaccine :(" omg living the dream, truly. wish that were me.

anyways eric clapton and right said fred should feel free to cancel all their shows for any reason they can find. nobody wants to hear that shit.
He's such an evil bastard.
What a POS
lol ok, go for it! That’s you who is losing money. Venues will just book another artist.

They all think they are doing something with this shit 😂
Punk? Both of them would shit themselves if they'd have to spell the word anarchist 😆
Thank god I hate most of his songs. He looks ready to croak. So if COVID gets him, it gets him.
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