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LANY announces world tour while allegations of emotional abuse & predatory behaviour go unaddressed

Paul Klein aka ex of Dua Lipa and Nicola Peltz has been accused of preying on young fans via social media, inviting batches of them to shows and emotionally manipulating more than one. The tweets (more at the source) surfaced in December 2020 and nothing much came of it, but they've since come back around in the midst of LANY announcing their world tour a few days ago. LANY apparently has an all male team which is not uncommon in the music industry and one young fan claims their manager was involved with getting her to meet with Paul backstage after a show. Nicola Peltz has also (sub)tweeted calling the relationship toxic, abusive and negative.

Fans are now super angry that LANY has designed special wristbands for fans attending their shows alone, to identify them as such which could be a safety concern and encourage predatory behaviour at their shows.

Paul was seen earlier this week naked in The Forum parking lot promoting their show there in November. Even OP thought this was gross.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: music / musician, sexual misconduct

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like hell i'm about to wear a wristband to let ppl know i'm alone at a show?? good intentions my ass
the wristband thing--ok I am naive but fuck, that's some low level shit I wouldn't even do as a a kid, it's glaringly creepy
This sounds like just walking yourself straight up to Michael Myers. This is creepy as hell.
jfc, those wristbands are a horrible idea?? and they know exactly what they're doing. there's no way that had good intentions behind that. when the allegations came out last yr I recall so many young fans saying how there would always be a bunch of older (and young but there was emphasis on how much older some were) men as the band's entourage at their shows who would always try to get with the younger fans. it's horrifying knowing they've basically created a device that lets them pick out their targets.
This is one of those things that if they asked ONE woman they’d know how creepy it was, whether it was honesty done to protect fans or target them.
my god reading some of the replies under his tweet about the wristbands and some are arguing that it would be good for those who suffer from social anxiety to make it easier to talk to others and it just scares me how so many fans would feel that way and actually get these. if this band really had good intentions they would have just left the wristband with the "looking for a LANY friend" to encourage making friends with others and not promote it as something to get/wear if you're going alone to a concert.
Thought he came across as creepy/weird when he was 29/30 and dating 21/22 year old Dua Lipa.

I hate that my gut feeling was right, I’m sorry for these girls and women.
Wow. Those wristbands.

Another example of why you always need to look at the 'how will men exploit this to abuse' underneath the surface of everything.
always thought he seemed like an emotionally abusive, obsessive creep.
I’m so tired of abusive people getting to prosper.
LANY songs all sound the same. I saw someone post about those bracelets and heard they were deleting comments from people criticizing how unsafe it was to single out people who are there alone. I go to concerts and events alone time to time but I'd trust a fan-organized meet-up then one by the actual artist. Artists publicizing that can breed creeps.
I like the Dua Lipa. I hope he didn't hurt her (or any other woman for that matter).
if I remember correctly, she broke his heart and got back with her ex which inspired LANY's Malibu Nights album.

though that doesnt mean he didnt hurt her :( but im glad she snapped him like the twig he is
I had no idea about any of this, but I'm happy I saw this post. Def deleting all the LANY from my spotify.
ugh i hate how lany turned out. i was a hardcore stan when they were still pretty unknown in like 2015 and have seen them at least 10 times live :( however pjk has just gotten more and more pathetic over the years and when those allegations came out i dropped them completely. i hate knowing i dedicated so much time and energy to shitty men
fuck sakes. i was really just getting into LANY too.
what a fucking scumbag.
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