ljtryout (ljtryout) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTDers have been heard and Twitter is testing a dislike button for you to express your negativity.

- Twitter is testing a dislike button, for you to let people know you hate stuff.
- The feature is slowly rolling out to some users.
- This will not be part of Twitter Blue, Twitter´s recently announced subscription service.
- This features comes after Twitter´s announcement that they'll be removing 'Fleets'.


ONTD, show me a tweet you wanna dislike...
Tags: viral, who asked for this

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I was just thinking about this the other day, I actually really like this. There’s nothing more demoralizing and rage inducing than seeing THE WORST replies to a tweet near the top just because everyone had to reply to them to tell they’re wrong. I do see how it could be used in a bad way but I think it could work out well. I’m sure looking forward to down voting some tweets anyway!!
this is pretty misleading to what it actually is. sounds like it's just something people can do with the replies to their own tweets, as a way to hide the replies they don't like? not something anyone can just do with any tweet

another useless feature that'll most likely be removed in 8 months
Thanks, I hate it. How about an edit button instead? Why is that so hard for them to do?
Great, eagerly looking forward to being downvoted straight into the pits of homosexual hell where I belong for tweeting "I think lesbians deserve rights"
I regret to say... this is actually not a bad idea from the Twidiots. There's a lot of misplaced anger on social media and it's not getting better. People who are compelled by that anger to express it somehow - directing those folks to click a thumbs-down button (an easy action) is a LOT better than a reply with a death threat/slur or exposing someone to brigading via quote tweeting... Done right, it might actual calm some of this shit down.

And yes, stan twitter will be insufferable but when has stan twitter EVER been sufferable?
Woof, imagine paying for Twitter
Why did I think they had this feature before?
This is gonna be horrible 😭😭😭.
twitter truly is a dumpster fire
this isn't gonna go well...

Tho, arguably, instagram would be even worse with a thumbs down button for people just posting selfies.
this is so fucking stupid.
what in the reddit hell

this won't end well. Twitter is already a cesspool designed to create maximum drama.
As if there wasn’t already enough negativity on this bird app 🥴
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