ljtryout (ljtryout) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTDers have been heard and Twitter is testing a dislike button for you to express your negativity.

- Twitter is testing a dislike button, for you to let people know you hate stuff.
- The feature is slowly rolling out to some users.
- This will not be part of Twitter Blue, Twitter´s recently announced subscription service.
- This features comes after Twitter´s announcement that they'll be removing 'Fleets'.


ONTD, show me a tweet you wanna dislike...
Tags: viral, who asked for this

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im actually laughing this is hilarioius
Swifties and Army about to be refreshing Twitter every five seconds to downvote every negative thing said about their faves.
loooooooool stan twitter really is about to cause a full-on WAR!!!
So IG stories didn't work out for them and now they've moved onto reddit downvotes.
Just get rid of Twitter altogether.
there can be obvious things one can click a dislike button for but there will be some videos on YouTube that have thousands of dislikes and it will be like a baby duck and puppy being friends and you wonder who the fuck would downvote something so inoffensive.

so yeah this will be a huge mistake
tbh I would prefer to get ratio'd with a huge amount of dislikes over having 10k+ people in your mentions via QRT's.
so they want to be reddit now? lol
Lol ok. An edit button would be good but anyway.

The dislike feature basically already exists when you see a tweet that has 1 retweet and like 1000+ QRTs lol
YES! I love to dislike!
Peak ontd energy :D
why do we need a dislike button when seeing a twitter ratio tells the same story in a much funnier way
Right lol
i'm gonna dislike all my own tweets
this is a terrible idea.
having twitter as a main social media in use for your life sounds so exhausting.
Honestly it doesn't have to be, it just depends on how you use it. It's been my main source of social contact during the last few years and id be in a much worse place without my group DM homies

There are a fuckton of exhausting ppl on there who are broken and go out of their way to make it your problem though that is definitely true
that makes sense. i have a twitter account that i mainly use for fashion but i screwed up my timeline over the course of the pandemic by liking viral things and following a lot of new people and now my feed is chaotic. i'm slowly undoing it


1 week ago

I feel sorry for all the social media managers out there. If you work for a person w diva complex or a politician your life is about to get worse.
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