Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Gwen Stefani changes her name to "Gwen Shelton"

On Thursday (July 15), the No Doubt frontman, 51, and country hitmaker, 45, surprised fans at Shelton’s Ole Red restaurant with an impromptu acoustic set. After Shelton introduced her, the singer shot back with a joke. "I thought it was Gwen Shelton now," she said after he introduced her as Gwen Stefani. (video below).


did you change your last name after getting married, ONTD?
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I kept my name and just added a second last name. It's not hyphenated, I just have two last names. I don't know why, but people can't wrap their heads around it. But it makes a lot more sense to me than giving up my identity. I'm just adding on to it now.
i wish them the worst
I don't know if I'll ever get married but I'm not changing my last name. My dad passed away in 2018 and I'm the only one of his competent children LOL so I would keep it in his honor I guess. not that I would ever change it if he was still alive tbh.
I hyphenated when I got married, literally only so I could have this internet handle. (my initials are ARBT).

I didn't change my name because my husband strongly believes that women shouldn't have to sacrifice their identity at marriage.

But I might eventually use my mother's maiden name because my dad is a POS.
I dropped my father's name and just made my middle name my last name. Best decision ever.
If i ever find a man good enough for me I would. But I’ll be a Ms till I die. I have been since I was 16 and that isn’t changing.
Just saying that there is something off about them, it's a long con rebound from her messy divorce prior.... Idk ... they are trying too hard?
I kept mine. I love my last name, it's been mine for 31 years and all my scientific work has been with that. People always look at us as if we're aliens and always tell us that we shouldn't have children with different last names. 🙄

hell no i'm still calling her gwen stefani
My ex and I both hyphenated. Now I would never change my name again.
I always thought I wouldn't bother, but my dad's a complete pos who I recently found out has been stalking me and watching my old place so I'm going to take my boyfriend's name when we get married later this year. I want to make it as hard as possible for him to find me again.
i did not change my name and it was never a conversation lol, he just always knew i wouldn't
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