Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Gwen Stefani changes her name to "Gwen Shelton"

On Thursday (July 15), the No Doubt frontman, 51, and country hitmaker, 45, surprised fans at Shelton’s Ole Red restaurant with an impromptu acoustic set. After Shelton introduced her, the singer shot back with a joke. "I thought it was Gwen Shelton now," she said after he introduced her as Gwen Stefani. (video below).


did you change your last name after getting married, ONTD?
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They're so gross.

I only changed my name when I got married because I planned on having kids and wanted us all to have the same last name. He would have taken my name, but his family have been way more family to me than my own family, so it made sense. If we divorced I would still keep it, just because of our daughter. My middle name has a special meaning to me and my mom, so I kept that.
y not Blake Stefani

I have a desire to get married (and amicably divorced) but I'm not changing my name for anything. It's who I am, who I've been and I like my dad.
i got married last wednesday and i will not be changing my name. my husband’s name is just as common as mine and slightly more specific in colonizer names, so i didn’t want to take on his. plus, it’s been my name for 32 years, not going to go through all of that headache.
I haven’t gotten to change my name yet but I can’t WAIT! It’s the last tie I have to my bio father and I can’t wait to get rid of it!
i honestly forgot they got married
After all I’ve heard about her …he makes sense as her choice of husband. Idk how Gavin and Gwen lasted so long ? They seemed like oil and water.
professionally i go by my first and middle name, i have no attachment to my last name and i have no issues with changing it upon marriage. but i also know ive been brainwashed by the patriarchal society we live in etc etc. im not close with my dads side of the family so im fine with distancing myself from that name.
me, my younger sister, and my two cousins made a pact 10 years ago at my older sister's wedding that we would NEVER change our last name to a husband's (older sister changed her last name and we hate her hitler youth husband). fast forward to now, all four of us are queer af and extremely unlikely to marry cis men lmfaooo

i'm getting married in a couple months and we're not changing our names, it's not worth the hassle and we're more than our last names. tbh i'm more attached as a concept to my middle name which is my mom's maiden name
If I ever get married, me changing my last name depends on what his last name is 😅

Otherwise I might hyphenate.

But I think changing your name as a celebrity is probably not the best idea
i wonder how long they'll last tbh.

i don't ever plan on changing my name. i'm all for women doing it if they want to and you can have a myriad of reasons to do a name change like you hate how it sounds, you hate the family connection because you had shitty parents/dad's side of the fam, you want to make a new last name with your spouse etc. but i feel like a lot of straight women say they want to change their name when it's really just them going along with what the stereotypical expectation is for married women and they don't actually have any deeper thoughts to it.

that being said, none of the women in my family or in our family friends ever changed their maiden names. i do think it's a yt western world phenomenon tbh. if i married a non-chinese person and i changed my romanized maiden name then what? do i just change my surname in chinese to whatever phonetically sounds like their last name? sounds dumb af imo lmfao.
Water always seeks its own level so this tracks.
I mean girl I guess
I changed mine when I got married. My maiden name is incredibly dumb and not even a "name" and people would try to make jokes out of it when I was growing up. Not just mean kids at school but I even had teachers think they're so fucking funny trying to make a joke out of it. Plus, I've been no contact with my dad for so long now, I don't care at all about having any sort of ties with him ever again. If I ever get divorced I don't know what I'll do because I've grown attached to my married name after 11.5 years and I don't know that I'd want to give it up at this point.
I always wanted to hyphenate. I think it’s a bridge of one’s future and past. My ex-husband didn’t like the idea. He demanded me to change it to just his. I said fine, and just kept postponing it until he gave me an ultimatum to change it or we’ll divorce. I’m so happy to be free of him, that was 4 years of hell. He was an awesome person until the week of our wedding— I assumed he was being an ass because he was nervous about the wedding, but nah, he was just being himself. God I wish I could get the years I’ve wasted on him back (total of 13 years 😭).
Thanks, I hate it.

I'd change my name, depending on what his was, cuz I hate how people think my current first and last name rhyme

They don't.
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