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Just cancel it already: Norway beach Handbal team fined 150 euros 4 wearing shorts instead of bikini

Norway’s women’s beach handball team has been fined for refusing to play in bikini bottoms during a game in the sport’s Euro 2021 tournament. “The players tell me they are uncomfortable, feel naked and watched,” another women’s team manager said. The women's handball tournament at the Summer Olympics will be the twelfth edition.

Tags: olympics

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The rule exists to force these athletes to be near-naked to draw in viewers. That's it.
MTE, that's the only reason this ridiculous outfit is required.
yup. men are a cancer part infinity
Who made this rule? /rhetorical question

I can't believe whoever brought this up or recognized that it broke a rule didn't automatically then say, this is stupid, we're not enforcing this. I know, my faith in humanity is rock bottom, and yet this garbage still manages to surprise me.


July 21 2021, 19:35:12 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 19:35:28 UTC


I feel like I'm writing this in my every comment nowadays... but really, patriarchy needs to die.
Definitely a D&D vibe going on here. I guess the outfits need to be ~realistic.
The fuck are those boys not wearing speedos and nothing else? Why the tops since the women get to wear nothing? This gets more and more infuriating the more I look at this.
I like male thighs and during watching soccer I had the perfect idea. Men should wear skimpy shorts so women could enjoy watching their legs. But something like that wouldn’t ever happen. It would make sex objects out of them. But it’s okay for women to wear skimpy outfits.
those shorts are cute and 10000000x better than the bikini (which I would also hate to wear for sports), if they dont change the rules that fine seems worth it tbh. but I don't know if athletes from every country can afford it, especially if it's for every game


July 21 2021, 19:47:53 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 19:51:20 UTC

First, I had no idea that beach handball was a thing. I knew about beach football/soccer and beach volleyball. You learn something new every day.

And second, this is ridiculous. It's a handball! They run and throw a ball! Guaranteed that women don't need to be half-dressed for that. The same applies to beach volley.

Deleted comment

Ugh, shit like this just highlights how much the world was created to cater to het-men. Glad they pushed back and are setting an example. Hope other teams follow the trend if they want to.
Do they have to get waxed too? Can't imagine the outrage if someone showed even one pubic hair wearing these tiny bottoms. I'm just so sick of everything. LEAVE WOMEN ALONE.
Maybe that can be the next form of protest tbh, none of them shave their pubic hair so the nasties watching can just get a view of bush.
ive yet to hear the committee (or whoever the fuck is in charge of the rule) defend the rule. only enforce fines and threaten to disqualify them. name and shame them!
Like female beach soccer players wear regular shorts and jerseys

It makes no sense for female beach handball to wear bikinis. What perverted man made that stupid rule?
TIL that beach soccer is a thing.
The men should wear speedos then if it's so crucial to the sport, in solidarity. I wonder what the committee have to say about that!

I cannot eye roll enough, so fucking stupid. Fuck i am so tired. I saw some people defend that shit and i just want to burn everything.
Why are men...
Fuck them. Make the male players play in speedos then.
Force them to swap outfits with male divers
Keep getting fined! Start a gofundme, and I'll donate to help pay them.
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