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Jennifer Lopez plays coy when asked about Ben Affleck romance

Jennifer Lopez politely deflected questions about her love life during an appearance on the “Today” show Tuesday to promote the re-release of her song “Love Make the World Go Round” with pal Lin-Manuel Miranda. The song is being rereleased for the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Hoda Kotb, who doesn't know how to read a room, told Jennifer, "Every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I’m like, ‘She looks happier! She looks happier!’ Are we happier?"

Jennifer redirected the question, stating, much to Lin Manuel Miranda's glee, "The song is out. Five years since we’ve done it and I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love is never more relevant than it is right now."

Hoda then attempted to pull the friend card, saying, “Wait, it’s me you’re talking to, you know that?,” to which JLo replied, “I know, you can call me. You have my number.”

Nice one, Jenny.

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🙄 I'm here to talk about my song/career, guis!
Would you ever go back to an ex ONTD? lmao issa fuck no for me.
I did once and learned my lesson, STAY GONE
same lmaoooo, never again!!!

I've had two. One we were childhood friends, drifted apart, rebounded with each other for a couple months 9 years later, after his divorce and the end of my previous engagement. Then there was another I considered getting back with until I remembered what a certified slimeball he is.

So, no lol.

I bet their gossip is juicy as hell. They’re both deep into their industries and petty af.
Since this interview was related to the day a bunch of people were murdered, asking about Bennifer seems kind of tacky.
no, it's fitting. it's like when the Gulf of Mexico was on fire and the news was talking about the lines at the various airpots.
can only imagine that dense interviewer sitting there wanting the dirt
it'll never last. he's a Sox fan, she's a Yankee fan. it's doomed.

Lupe is going to make it happen


July 21 2021, 17:44:06 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  July 21 2021, 17:44:37 UTC

She loves Ben
LOL at any type of coyness after doing like 10 pap strolls.
Rodrigo has to eat, ok?
....She had a song with LMM?
i think ben's idea of "publicity" is way different than arod's. ben is not a social media guy. the way jlo has to navigate this relationship will be vastly different. i wonder how long until she cracks and starts spilling.
i just don't understand this romance. she broke up with arod cause he cheated on her but then got together with ben who also cheated on her and ALSO cheated on his ex wife. like ben's literally a serial cheater. why not just stay with arod...
I think her intentions was to make Arod jealous and it backfired and she’s stuck trying to prove to herself and the world that this relationship with Ben is something serious.
Isn't Ben Affleck hung? If he is, I can totally understand why she jumped from one relationship to the next.

I don't care how big or potentially good the dick is. If it's attached to Ben Affleck I automatically don't want it.

aww just tell us queen of baby hairs, motown and throwing luxury stuff on the beach challenges!
bronx girl magic
she's such a beautiful woman and she chooses the ugliest men.

I just find it sad she can't seem to love herself more than the idea of being in love with others.

Everyone is kissing ass to LMM and LMM is just along for the ride.

Surprised that JLo didn't really become 'friends' with LMM until Hamilton fame. Otherwise, she didn't care much about him with In the Heights.
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