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Taylor Swift has decided not to submit "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" for any Grammy or CMA awards

  • “After careful consideration, Taylor Swift will not be submitting Fearless (Taylor’s Version) in any category at this year’s upcoming Grammy and CMA Awards,” according to a Republic Records representative.

  • “Fearless has already won four Grammys including album of the year, as well as the CMA Award for album of the year in 2009/2010 and remains the most awarded country album of all time."

  • Swift’s ninth studio album, Evermore, released in December 2020, will be submitted to the Grammys for consideration in all eligible categories.

  • Swift’s decision leaves room for voters to focus on Evermore, rather than potentially split their votes between the two projects.

  • The surprise album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, giving Swift eight consecutive No. 1 debuts.

  • Evermore returned to No. 1 this June for a fourth nonconsecutive week, making Swift the artist with the third-most weeks at No. 1 on the all-genre album chart behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.


Tags: award show - grammys, music / musician (country), taylor swift

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Gee, how gracious
she's not gonna win for evermore which is a shame because it's better than folklore. hoe must be sad she can't scam him a second grammy. i don't care about the rerecordings until 1989 tho, call me when you release new romantics sis
Brave of her.
Some might even say... fearless 💕
Wow, she won album of the year for Fearless? Grammys is a joke
I think Kanye literally said back in 2010 that Fearless shouldn't have won that award lol
wasn't that over the much more prestigious Moon Man award


3 months ago

imma let you finish
I think she just wants to avoid the backlash it would cause.
She put her entire pussy in Ivy
good choice, go evermore!
To think she won multiple AOTY awards when Beyoncé never got one…

Tragic ass ceremony
I never cared for the Grammys because they’re a boring awards show, but Beyoncé (self-titled) losing AOTY to Beck because “it’s about artistry!” and then Lemonade losing to 25 because “it’s about sales!” really closed the lid on that for me.

Grammys don’t mean shit. People just flip flop between saying “it’s about artistry” to “it’s about sales” to justify never giving Black artists the big awards.
I feel the same way. Beyonce deserved it for both of those albums. When Lemonade lost, I was out. Completely meaningless and honestly in no way reflective of whether an album is good or not.
even Adele knew Beyonce should've won for Lemonade

I figured she would have release the songs from the vault at least but maybe that’s why she’s releasing red when she is so that she can put those new songs in next year and it won’t compete.

Evermore >>> Folklore and that’s all I have to say about this
YES!!! Tho in my opinion, not award worthy 🙈
if leann rimes and trisha yearwood can be nominated for the same song in the same year then I bet taylor could win for the same exact song years later. the grammys would
Wait is Evermore her folk album or am I thinking of a different album? did she do two back-to-back albums?
She released two folk albums. Folklore was first and Evermore was second.
reformed greedy, narcissistic queen
I thought it was to make room for other possible winners lol nevermind then
Don’t give her stan’s ideas, lol.
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